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Carmel Valley to Host Benefit for Second Chance Dog Rescue

On a Wednesday September 28, 2011 a group of animal lovers and “Second Chance Dog Rescue,” gathered at the home of Carmel Valley San Diego community resident Rich Kushner for an event to raise awareness and funds for dogs in need of a home. From 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM, you could hear the passionate conversations that went on about making some real changes in our efforts to bring families and family-less dogs together.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is an organization that is dedicated to saving homeless dogs. Once a do is rescued, the team makes sure to rehabilitate and rehome dogs. The often receive dogs from a variety of ways including, local shelters, dogs surrendered by their owners for various reasons, and dogs from Baja California, Mexico. They are eager to provide medical care, including spay and neuter, and any necessary rehabilitation, once a dog is received. They do not work out of a shelter or have any facilities to house their adopted dogs so the rely heavily on their network of volunteers and foster families.

On their website you can find the follow as part of their “Mission”:

  • Put puppy mills out of business.
  • Put breeders out of business.
  • Get animals spay and neutered.
  • Rescue dogs and find them a forever home.
  • Educate the public that a dog is not an accessory to put in a purse, left in a yard neglected or abused.

The day of this great event was a huge success for both “Second Chance Dog Rescue,” Rich Kusnher (host), and the community of Carmel Valley San Diego. The group was able to raise $360. A special thanks to Sandra (Sandra@SecondChanceDogRescue.org) and her crew for allowing us to share their story.

p.s. A word from the host…someone left a blue tooth & charger.


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