Children Sleep Therapy: Helping Families Have a Better Night’s Sleep

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Sugar Night Night Jen Verela | Ryan DalzellHelping Carmel Valley Families Fall Asleep

Local Carmel Valley mom and business owner, Jen Varela, is helping sleep deprived families get much needed rest.  Sugar Night Night offers children sleep therapy to families that need help to establish and implement a sleep routine.

Many parents in the community of Carmel Valley San Diego, have difficulty getting their babies and toddlers to sleep for different reasons.  Does your baby wake up throughout the night for feedings?  Does your toddler end up in your room at night or does he cry when you put him to bed?  Are you sleep deprived because of this? You and your newborn or toddler, can get a good night’s rest!

It is possible to break your child of these habits with Sugar Night Night’s help.  Jen Varela, children sleep coach, and Dr. Scott Koenig, child psychologist, are working together to teach families how to bring sleep back into your life.

Practical children sleep therapy tools that can give you hope that things are going to get better:

  • Learn the newest “sleep thru the night” method.
  • Get on the same “parenting page” with your partner.
  • Create and implement an individualized sleep plan.

If you cannot attend a seminar or workshop, Sugar Night Night offers private in-home training services.  Contact Jen for a complimentary phone assessment to see if Sugar Night Night will help your family get some rest.

Jen Varela is the founder and CEO of Sugar Night Night. As a mother herself and a leader in the Carmel Valley community, Jen helps families who are struggling with establishing healthy sleep habits. In response to the rigid nature of many of the existing sleep methods, Jen has created and developed the “Velvet-covered Brick” method. This revolutionary technique will guide and assist you in creating an individualized sleep plan that caters to the needs of your child and your family.

For more information, visit or call 949-280-4500.

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