A Day of Adventure: Mission Bay Activities

Mission Bay Activities for Carmel Valley Families

Mission Bay Activities for Carmel Valley Families

One of the paramount locations in San Diego is Mission Bay.  If you live in the Carmel Valley San Diego, there is no reason why not to take a trip out to the bay.  There are many Mission Bay activities that can keep you and your children engaged for the whole day. The park offers a wide range of recreational activities including paths for walking and jogging, and playgrounds for children. It is one of San Diego’s most popular locations to fly a kite, picnic or sail a model yacht. Fire rings make it possible to cook out and stay warm. Mission Bay Park offers a variety of opportunities for you and your family to have outdoor fun.
Keeping your children captivated and entertained is quite easy at the park. Crown Point Drive and Lamont St. gives you easy access to parking. There are also bathrooms close to the parking area and there is a playground to keep your kids entertained while you unpack the car.

This is a great spot for children to ride their bikes, roller blade or scooter. There are close to 14 miles of bike paths along Mission Bay. The pedestrian traffic is mild on the boardwalk compared to the beach side which has a lot of heavier traffic.
Here are some easy ideas to plan your day at the bay. I always try to use every destination as a learning experience for my family. The activity planned for this trip was making popsicle boxes. You don’t need to bring any decoration for the box so feel free to leave your decorations in Carmel Valley. There are many of nature’s own jewels that you can find on the ground. Some of the object my kids found where perfect for decorating the boxes. We found pieces of beautiful bark that had fallen of the trees as well as, sticks or for the recycles experience we use soda can tops too.

Trisha Klimisch | Carmel Valley Community Contributor

Trisha Klimisch | Parents

After 23 years, Trisha decided to shed her snow boots for some flip flop and moved from Boston to California. Her outgoing personality help her make friends immediately and she quickly began thriving in the new city. She spent most of her early years in Pacific Beach where she specialized in hair and make-up. Trisha finally met her husband, Tom Klimisch and they now have two wonderful boys. For her, the only place to move with children was Carmel Valley. It had all the right qualities for a family to build and grow together in a community with other families.



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