Entrepreneur Shares Story About Starting Vivacity Sportswear

A few years back I started to play golf, thanks to my husband John, and I had the hardest time trying to find something cute, comfortable and well made to wear on the course.  I did not want to dress in shapeless polo shirts – who wants to look like a box!

John got tired of my complaints and told me:  Either do something about it or stop complaining! –Vivacity Sportswear was my response.  After a career in the pharmaceuticals/biotech industry, this was definitely new and different – but I was ready to take the leap.

Early on I did a lot of research.  I went to trade shows, talked to buyers, fellow women golfers – based on all the data I collected, I realized there was a need not just for a golf line, but a collection that could work in different areas of a typical modern woman’s life:  on the golf course, at the office, out to dinner….I mean really, who wants to carry different changes of clothes for a typical busy day?!

I truly believe Vivacity provides a great solution for active, on the go women like us.  Thanks to my great team, starting with our amazing designer, Christina Zeller, we’ve been able to create a collection of fashionable, flattering sportswear, in high quality easy to care fabrics, all manufactured right here in Southern California.  We’ve been lucky to partner with local San Diego talent, including pattern makers, cutters, sewers, and printers who have been instrumental in helping us create our line.

Today we’re excited to be in pro shops, resorts and boutiques throughout the US and online at Vivacity Sportswear.  And to think this all started because my husband John challenged me on the golf course!


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