Google Maps Now Goes INSIDE Businesses

For nearly 5 years, many of us have been using a very helpful feature of Google Maps to find our way around town. Launched in 2007, ‘Street View’ transformed the map as we knew it by virtually placing Google users in front of the address or business they were ‘Googling’.  With this technology, users could see the outside of a business as if they were standing there, and navigate the surrounding neighborhood through directional arrows linked to a network of other street views on the map.  This year, Google has now taken this technology even further.

Click on the image below to see an example of a restaurant’s virtual tour!

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Rich Mino | Busalacchi

Virtual, LLC, co-founded by one of our own Carmel Valley Life contributors, Rich Mino, has contracted with Google to bring this technology inside of our local businesses to give online users a virtual experience of what the interior of restaurants, hotels, spas, gyms, professional offices and retail venues look like when they search for a business.

“Business owners put much effort, time and resources into making their business appealing to potential customers, and are very proud of their space.  A virtual tour of their business on Google Maps allows them to showcase this space online to millions of users,” commented Rich.

“Even better, the virtual tours that Virtual, LLC creates are property of the business… not Google.  This means that while the virtual tour shows up on Google Maps, Google+ business pages and other Google platforms, the business owner can also use these tours on their own website, social media, email marketing, online advertising, and more.”

So the next time you are researching a business online in Carmel Valley, Google Maps might now have a virtual tour of that business available to help you in your research.  And if you’re a business owner that is looking to showcase your amazing space, this is definitely a way to do that and draw additional traffic to your location.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Richard Mino | Del Mar Financial PlannersBuilding on a long time passion, Rich Miño has taken on the role of Regional Director at, LLC.  Under contract with Google as an Authorized Google Business Photographer, Rich is responsible for photographing businesses throughout Southern California to showcase their venues via 360 degree panoramic tours that are directly linked to Google Maps and Google+ Local pages for businesses.  As Regional Director, Rich is responsible for Marketing and Operations of in California.  With deep ties to the small business community in San Diego, Rich enjoys working with small business owners to enhance their online presence and increase their visibility to current and potential customers.  He considers this an initial step in helping small business owners secure a financial future for their business, themselves and their families.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | RIDE Cyclery Encinitas

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