High Performance – Low Stress Learning

Based in Carmel Valley, Falcone Institute: New Pathways – Learning to Learn specializes in body-mind integration and life skills that promote high performance – low stress learning for children and adults.

Developing and applying a revolutionary approach to achieving peak performance and fulfillment in life- they break the code on learning difficulties.  Teaching people how to learn leads to mastery over every aspect of their lives.

Founder and director, Madeline Falcone is passionate about helping individuals integrate both their learning and emotions.  As an inspirational educator and therapist, she created a comprehensive therapeutic environment specializing in fostering academic and personal skill development for people of all ages.

Madeline and her team continue to remain at the forefront in the field of psycho-education, implementing their collective insight and extensive knowledge and training through the integration of traditional and energetic therapeutic methods.  A unique synergy of learning and healing is integrated into  every personalized program at Falcone Institute.

Local artist and designer, Donna Johansen was brought in to develop a collection of artwork that conveys the essence of Falcone Institute’s healing environment.  Working in the field of healthcare design for many years, Donna’s Falcone Institute-inspired art is strategically designed to create the ambiance of balance and harmony, while reflecting the San Diego coastal style.

The office atmosphere contributes to the experience of transformation.  Understanding that a breakdown paves the way for a breakthrough is a theme that resonates throughout the office and allows families and children to embrace their challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.  In a mindful, collaborative atmosphere, clients learn and develop new methods and skills that enable independent learning and emotional growth which comes from within and becomes self-generative.

Incorporating a holistic approach to learning and transformation, Falcone Institute works with children, adults, and families to address and overcome challenges that impede success and personal fulfillment.  Falcone Institute specializes in working with individuals and families presenting with a variety of concerns, which include learning disabilities, spectrum disorders, developmental delays, social challenges, and emotional / behavioral issues.  Madeline and her team are highly skilled in helping individuals heal and transform traumatic experiences, fears, and limiting beliefs into wisdom and understanding so that the client is free to fulfill his/her true potential.  Falcone Institute also provides family therapy services to foster parenting skills, strengthen family relationships, and allow for greater peace and understanding within the home.

In partnership with the NTL Group, Falcone Institute also offers a cutting-edge neuro-development program. This program has proven to be highly effective in addressing various concerns, such as developmental delays, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, academic challenges, and aging brain impacts from simple memory or quickness loss to early-onset of dementia.  The neuro-development program rapidly balances the individual’s neurophysiology and allows him/her to optimize brain functioning, which in turn enhances and accelerates Falcone Institute’s transformational, psycho-educational work.

Falcone Institute: New Pathways is passionate about teaching skills that help people learn how to learn.


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