Redefining an “Active Lifestyle”

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Local Carmel Valley Resident Redefines “Active Lifestyle”

What comes to mind when you think “active lifestyle”?  For most of us, we begin to think about health and fitness. For those living in the community of Carmel Valley San Diego, this can also mean the hustle and bustle of having kids and taking them from activity to activity or event to event…some would definitely call this an active lifestyle.
For Terri Thomas of the Carmel Valley San Diego community, an “Active Lifestyle” means traveling anywhere adventurous, playing golf, taking care of her family, walking 60 miles the Komen Foundation, volunteering with PCI, and much more. Terri has been a leader throughout her entire life, and has worked in the marketing & communications field for companies such as the San Diego Zoo.

When I asked her about her leadership skills and adventurous personality, she responded with, “maybe it was because I come from a military family.” Interestingly enough, a year ago from the date of this interview, she was in Tanzania helping a village in the Babeti region implement a water program. She and 7 other women, traveled to Tanzania without a translator to make sure this village could get clean and healthy water. Wow, talk about an active lifestyle!

One of the local organizations she is currently volunteering with is PCI. More specifically, she is spearheading a movement with and within PCI called “SHE,” which stands for “strong, healthy, empowered.” On the PCI’s website you can find the description: “SHE is a group of ambassadors who dedicate their efforts, time, energy, skills, and “hands on experience” to benefit and support Project Concern International’s (PCI) programs throughout the world. Through the synergy of the SHE program, we work together to find innovative ways to ensure women are able to live lives that are strong, healthy and empowered.” But don’t think for a minute that there aren’t any local opportunities. SHE members are very much involved in the local community and welcome help and volunteers.

Terri is married to her husband Jay of 12 years, and has a daughter named Cameron who is currently an aspiring lawyer. She moved to the Carmel Valley San Diego community because of its great environment for young and older people to become more well-rounding, and for its great proximity to the beach, sports and her family. Knowing how busy Terri is, I jokingly asked her what she does in her spare time. Well, believe it or not, she said she does have spare time and in her spare time enjoys helping people plan events.

Terri left me with this comment, and for me, this is what makes Terri our resident of the month:
“I love learning about different people and different cultures. It broadens who I am and teaches me more about life than any thing else could ever. I really want to be able to make a difference in either one person’s life or in the lives of many within a community. And what that looks like for those who are impoverished is, giving them the tools and resources to sustain a lifestyle that will give them a healthier existence.”


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