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Greener Carmel Valley Homes

Lets begin being conscious of how we can make greener Carmel Valley homes and healthier not only for you and your family, but also for the planet as well. Even small changes can contribute a whole lot to improving the quality of life that we can all enjoy.

Recycle. Instead of dumping paper and electronics to landfills, a better solution is to recycle them. Plastics and metals can also be reused in meaningful ways so as to curb the necessity for more landfill space. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, reports that about 15-20% of waste electronic parts are recycled, a very low percentage considering that incinerating or even burying these can release toxins into the air and soil, which pose significant risks to the environment.

Gardening. Starting and tending even a small garden in your Carmel Valley San Diego community backyard or lawn can enhance your family’s nutrition. Not only will you contribute back to mother nature by adding more plants in Carmel Valley homes, you will also have a wider variety of wholesome foods to supplement your daily diet.

No to plastics. Plastic materials are very hard to manufacture and dispose of without damage to the environment so try avoiding them if at all possible. Opt for reusable materials instead, such as stainless steel water bottles or cloth grocery bags.

Local farm goods. Carmel Valley San Diego community grocery stores and supermarkets usually sell goods that have been picked and distributed from far off places, which take many days and miles before they’re displayed on shelves. Consider switching to local farmers, who can guarantee you freshness since their farms are close by. Their goods will be riper and more delicious, and they will not use as much packaging or transportation in bringing them in, which will contribute to lessening pollution overall.

Unplug. Remember to unplug appliances when they’re not in use because some of them, such as TVs and desktop computers, still consume electricity when they’re just turned off. See if you can afford to replace old models with new ones bearing the Energy Star label, which designates those products as energy-efficient. This can save you a lot on energy costs in the long run.

It’s time to make things in our neighborhood and environment better by going green right in your very own greener Carmel Valley home.

This article was written & contributed by Dan Conway.


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