Something to Bark About: Dog Social a Huge Success


The event was held as part of the BARK After DARK series that are hosted at local, dog-friendly locations and usually involve food and drinks for people and promotional give-aways from healthy dog food companies. If you have a restaurant or brewery where you would like to host a BARK After DARK, please email us at or let us know in the comments.

Kirsten: Hi, my name is Kirsten. And this is…

Ladee: I’m Ladee.

Kirsten: It’s our first Bark After Dark event and we’re having a lot of fun. We have our two dogs, a golden bull and a boxer boy and we’re having a really great time. And we love culture and we love Dirty Dogs, so we’ll have come again to the next one.


Jackie: Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m at a Bark After Dark event and this is about my third time coming to one of these events, and I keep coming back because it’s so much fun. I get to bring my dog, have a couple of drinks, talk to new people. Everybody’s always friendly and I get to pet a bunch of dogs. And it’s just great.


Ashley: Hi, I’m Ashley.

Mercedes: I’m Mercedes.

Ashley: And we love coming to Bark After Dark. This is my fifth. Mercedes has been here, what, three times?

Mercedes: This is my third one.

Ashley: Yeah. And it’s a great way to find out about local places in San Diego that are dog friendly. So much fun to have a beer, hang out with your dog, meet other dog owners, find people you connect with. It’s a good time.


Mike: My name’s Mike.

Megan: I’m Megan.

Mike: We got Dahlia down here, this is our second…

Megan: Bark After Dark.

Mike: Bark After Dark. Our first one was actually a year ago here at the same spot and culture. It’s just been so much fun coming to hang out with people who have the same interests: beer, dogs…

Megan: And Dirty Dogs, all the people are so great and that’s what keeps us coming back.

Mike: And it’s for a great cause, Humane Society, so no reason not to come back.


Liz: Hi, I’m Liz. I’ve been to, I don’t know, at least five Dirty Dogs “Bark After Dark” events. It’s a lot of fun to come out and see all of the dogs from the different neighborhoods and around North County. And there are always lots of treats for the dogs, treats for the human attendees as well. We love it, our dog loves it. It’s a good time.


Bree: Hi, I’m Bree.

AJ: I’m AJ.

Bree: And we love all the Bark After Dark events.

AJ: We usually come here at least once every month or two months and just come have a great time, enjoy some beverages and see some amazing dogs. I guess one of the best things about it is seeing all the people support local business and, really just get all these awesome animals out here together and have a good time and no trouble, just fun, and lots of fur, you know?


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | RIDE Cyclery Encinitas

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