Sports Fashion Designer Shares Inspirational Story

I was introduced to Vivian and Vivacity Sportswear thru a mutual friend here at Hera Hub.

Vivian showed me a few pieces of her new line and shared her vision for Vivacity sportswear with me.

I knew right away that we would make a great team and that I could deliver what she was looking for. I always have worked in contemporary sportswear and I was exited about the idea to design a lifestyle/ golf/sportswear line.

At Vivacity we want to design modern sports fashion that can be worn for daily activities occasions but also offer great function and style for the active woman golfer.

I get inspired by many things. By visiting local galleries, cultural events right here in San Diego and by traveling extensively. I always bring a sketchbook and take lots of pictures on my trips. I do follow fashion and textile trend forecast reports but I feel really strong about designing our own Vivacity look and style. I aim to design a line of clothing that is original, comfortable and features fashion that is understated but elegant.

I do feel less is often more when it comes to fashion design and growing up in Switzerland and spending still a lot of time in Europe, I am definitely influenced by the sophisticated European style.

Fabrics are also a great way to be inspired for a new line. Often the fabric makes the entire garment and there are many new high tech fabrics available today that make it easy to design a sporty and sophisticated look.

I am thrilled that Vivacity Sportswear is doing great and even more excited to design the next sports fashion collection.

-Christina Zeller-


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | RIDE Cyclery Encinitas

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