“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

-President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Junior Editors

The Carmel Valley San Diego Chapter

858Teen is a movement to help young teens from all ages, understand their importance in our community and feel more connected to it as well. With the help of the local public & private educational organizations, local businesses, local non-profit and local parents, we hope to create a place where teens in our community can share their voice, opinions, thoughts, and simultaneously develop their talents and core skills that well help them for an entire life-time.

858Teen’s Carmel Valley San Diego Chapter has inspired the local teen community to get involved by forming teams of 5-7 “858Teen Editors,” from local High Schools, including Canyon Crest Academy, Torrey Pines, Cathedral, Santa Fe Christian Schools, Carmel Valley Middle and Earl Warren Middle. (Please note that the local high schools are not officially endorsing this program). Each team is responsible for creating content and articles every week for the community website. They are in essence their own team of editors interning at “The Carmel Valley Life.”

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Martie MeyerMartie Meyer, and a group of local Carmel Valley San Diego parents, are spearheading our mentoring program for our young editors. Martie is a Carmel Valley resident, mother to a wonderful family, former Art Director for a National Magazine, and a former radio personality. Additionally, she has published and designed several books. In the past, she mentored teens with the San Diego Children’s Coalition and is now bringing her expertise and experience to “The Carmel Valley Life.” Martie and her team are responsible for being accessible to the teens should they need any help fulfilling their duties as “858Teen Editors.”

858 Teen is venturing where few brave souls dare to tread—into the lives of teenagers. Since society consistently sends the message to teenagers that they’re to be tolerated, and in a sense, all teenagers—no matter their race, socioeconomic background or culture—experience a form of oppression that keeps them silent, 858Teen is working to change that through digital storytelling. We want to encourage teenagers to find their voice, express themselves and feel validated for who they are. There’s no rage more powerful than a teenager’s. There’s no passion more powerful than a teenager’s. 858Teen wants kids to understand that it’s not only okay, but it’s healthy to be complicated. That’s a gift you bring to society, and our community as a whole.

So here is your chance to “Tell us who you are”, “Tell us about your home”, “Tell us about the who or what influences you”, “Tell us if you have ever expressed or experienced prejudice”, “Tell us about what you want the world to be like for you as an adult”, “Tell us about what you would like to change in your life, your home, your community.”

Join our group of 10 (or quorum) of teenagers to represent the Carmel Valley San Diego community and let’s get the dialogue started……!

The goal for our “858Teen Editors” is to highlight community activities that are of interest to them. High Schoolers are generally stereotyped as being kids who just “hang out.” We encourage our coalition of teens, to help other teens in the community, discover great activities and events that are available to them to experience. In addition, the “858Teen Editors” will publish movie reviews, food and/or restaurant reviews, gadget reviews (i.e. Iphone/Android applications), college or university reviews, YouTube video recommendations, Netflix recommendations, and music recommendations. Also, they will be writing regularly on school information regarding sports, special events, extra curricular activities, bulletins, and much more.

If you would like to apply for a position with The Carmel Valley Life as a “858Teen Editor” please click HERE now.