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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | One Paseo A Main Street for Carmel ValleyWhat does it take to develop the next generation of neighborhood development – a vertical mixed use project where people can live, work, shop and recreate in one district?  The obvious answer is…A LOT!  After attending the Builders Association of San Diego breakfast last week, we discovered that in addition to the normal “stuff” that goes into developing a site of this magnitude, developers have to implement a huge community outreach campaign in order to truly have a positive impact on a community.

One Paseo – A Main Street for Carmel Valley is such an important and hot topic in our community these days, that we’ve made covering it a top priority.  If you live in the community of Carmel Valley San Diego, it is likely that you’ve heard, read or seen something regarding the proposed development across the street from the Del Mar Highlands.  If you haven’t, please click HERE to visit our discussion forum/blog dedicated to the development.  Please voice your opinions and questions.

As previously mentioned, BiA of San Diego held a breakfast last week and we were fortunate enough to attend.  BiA of San Diego is a non-profit trade association that represents and acts as an advocate, leader and resource to the builders industries of the San Diego.  The association regularly organizes events to connect with its members and to keep its finger on the pulse of the builders industry, and to stay updated with the developments that are occurring in San Diego.  Steve Scott, Vice President of Kilroy Realty Corporation, presented on the development of One Paseo – A Main Street for Carmel Valley.  Kilroy Realty Corporation has successfully operated in the West Coast commercial real estate markets for more than six decades. As a local resident or business owner in Carmel Valley, you’ve probably noticed Kilroy’s undeniable presence in the community.  That’s because they are the largest suburban landlord in San Diego, with more than 5.4 million square feet of commercial and office space under their ownership, spread among 72 buildings.  They also own and manage the largest portfolio of LEED-certified commercial space in San Diego.  One Paseo – A Main Street for Carmel Valley, is one of five LEED approved projects in the country!

Now there are several key points and “take aways” from the presentation that we will not be able to cover today.  However one part of the presentation that we found very compelling to write about is the level of community outreach that has been implemented into the project.

“We began with a blank slate, sought input and engaged  the community,” said Steve Scott.

What type of community outreach you may be asking?  For starters, take a look at the chronological list below.

  1. Informal One-on-One Meetings with Community Leaders
  2. Input from City
  3. Visioning Meeting (June 24, 2008)
  4. Research Interviews
  5. Developed Initial Concept and Plan
  6. Town Hall Meetings (September 2009)
  7. Fact Booklet Mailed Communitywide (more than 8,000 mailings to-date)
  8. Neighborhood Meetings to Solicit Input
  9. Community BBQ
  10. BiA San Diego Breakfast
From what we heard that day, Kilroy Realty Corporation has every intention on continuing its community outreach campaigns…so be sure to stay connected and get involved by attending the next event!  If you were previously unaware of the opportunities that exist for you to learn about the project, voice your opinion, and/or  participate in any events, please contact taragon@kilroyrealty.com to receive updates and event invitations directly from the developer.

This is OUR community and it is OUR responsibility to be informed and involved.

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