A Daughter’s Dream Wedding

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Rustic Wedding Rentals | Natasha BavinOver these past few months, my husband and I have had the privilege of helping our daughter plan her wedding.  If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you’ll understand this when I say that a wedding is a huge undertaking all on its own.  With there being so many components to putting together a successful wedding, its no wonder that many brides opt to have a wedding planner handle the bulk of the planning.  And who could blame them?

The vision our daughter had for her wedding was rustic and organic.  After we spent some time discussing the idea, we decided to give it a go and began searching for decorations immediately. Our first couple of trips took us to mostly antique stores, where we found the perfect elegant table settings.  However when it came to finding wooden tables for the wedding, we weren’t as lucky.  After searching all over San Diego for wooden tables, we ended not able to find a single thing!  It seemed like the rustic looking tables she wanted, were only found in the East Coast!

Then, my husband, who so happens to be a carpenter, came to the rescue.  After hearing from our daughter about what she envisioned the tables looking like, I’m proud to say that my husband was able to artfully craft several large wooden tables measuring 81x33x30.  These tables were PERFECT!  Now that we had solved our tables dilemma, our next goal was to find the location.  Luckily, she found a perfect location in Encinitas, with breathtaking ocean views.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Rustic Wedding Rentals | Natasha BavinIn the end, her wedding was exactly what she had always dreamed and imagined – rustic, green, elegant and absolutely gorgeous!  All the guests were very impressed with what were able to accomplish.  There was even a engaged couple that happen to walk by that asked us where we had gotten all of our stuff for the wedding.  My husband and I decided then and there, that these beautiful, rustic and organic wedding decorations should not only be used once.  So, shortly after the wedding, we started renting our tables, wooden dance floor, lights, china, burnt silver collection and beautiful wedding decorations.  Quite frankly, we were surprised at the amount of interest we received from the community, however we are now very excited to be providing this new service to the Carmel Valley community.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Natasha Bavin | Rustic Wedding and EventsNatasha Bavin and her husband Michael of 28 years, have been living in Carmel Valley San Diego for 17 years. After moving from Russia in 1991, they soon realized that they could not survive on one income.  Even though they had 3 young children, with the 4th one on the way, they opened a pizza restaurant.  After being in the restaurante business for 11 years, they decided to close their pizza restaurant focus their efforts on Michael’s real estate and remodeling business.  Last year, Natasha’s daughter shared her dream about having a rustic and organic themed wedding.  In order to make this a reality, Natasha and her husband put in a lot of work to find all the necessary furniture and decor – including custom wooden tables and dance floor.  After the wedding, Natasha decided to create a rustic organic design & event coordinating business that would make dream weddings a reality.


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  1. Bplanning wedding and events was so happy to be apart of Ray and Rufinas special day!

  2. natasha bavin

    Hi Brindy! we were so blessed you were part of the day too!

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