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A doctor from San Diego, CA had his life changed one day after he saved the lives of two young children in a volunteer clinic in Tijuana. From that moment on he knew, respected and followed his calling to help save lives of millions of children and families all over the world. A large task indeed but Dr. James Turpin had no thoughts about how because he had already discovered his why. Why was he going to start an organization who’s mission is to “prevent disease, improve community health and promote sustainable development worldwide?” For Dr. Turpin, it was simple, it was about those kids that he saved that day. Dr. Turpin envisioned a place where resources weren’t a challenge, and health care, education and food were readily available to all the people of the world. For over 50 years, “Project Concern International” has been following the footsteps established by its founder and have gone on to teach many communities around the world to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining.
On August 5, 2011, Sandi Hadley, member of the Board of Directors for Project Concern International, put together a wonderful event to benefit Project Concern International and invited all the communities throughout the San Diego county including the Carmel Valley San Diego community. “A Day at the Races” is a fundraiser that supports Project Concern International (PCI) and includes a silent auction items, raffle opportunities, Turf Club access and Creative Hat Contest. Oh, and of course all the other fun things that are included when you attend a race at the Del Mar Races! It was fun to see several communities represented there, including Carmel Valley. Sandi Hadley has been in heavily involved with hosting fund-raising events for organizations such as PCI, and is a continued inspiration to all those around her. If you are interested in volunteering or helping with the organization or next years events, please contact Sandi Hadley or Project Concern International for details. If you live, work or play in the Carmel Valley San Diego community, the Del Mar Fairgrounds are conveniently close should you decide to attend or contribute.
**special thanks to Sandi Hadley for inviting The Carmel Valley Life to the event and for introducing us to the great people at Project Concern International.

David A. Moya | Founder & Carmel Valley Community Contributor

David A Moya | Founder & Contributor

David A. Moya is a community contributor and influencer for positive change. As a Certified Mortgage Coach, he focuses on education and transparency. During his earlier years, he fed his entrepreneurial spirit and founded a company called Motivus International Inc, which focuses on the development of young individuals who are committed to peak performance. David went on to pay for his BA in Finance through his real estate business and after graduating flew more than 30 flights to over 10 countries in order to master the art of communication and business. At the downward turn of the real estate market, David saw a need to change the industry and began to reach out to his network of professionals to see what could be done.



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