A House of Refuge

From Carmel Valley with Love

The Carmel Valley San Diego community, is where Susan Meyers-Pyke and Amy Green both decided to raise their families. Having made so many wonderful memories in Carmel Valley, both Susan and Amy both felt they needed to give back to those less fortunate. Shortly after joining forces to launch their new real estate business, they began to help a non-profit called “Casa De Amparo.” Not only did they help, they began to spear-head programs and fundraisers.
Casa De Amparo actually means “House of Refuge.” Originally established in 1978, Casa de Amparo’s initial program was the Children’s Shelter. This program allowed for young children who were either already in foster care or had been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect. The non-profit has expanded its programs and now has five unique programs to help young children in the community:
1. The Child Development Center
2. The Family Visitation Center
3. The Children’s Shelter
4. New Directions
5. Counseling Services

Susan and Amy are actively involved in Casa’s efforts to address and stop child abuse. Equally as important, their hope is to help abused and at-risk children stop the cycle of abuse that can carry into several generations. The ultimate goal is to have these children not only stop the cycle, but to also give these children the opportunity to create an even brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

For more information how you can get involved with the Carmel Valley San Diego community efforts, please contact Susan and Amy at 858.755.HOME (4663).

David A. Moya | Founder & Carmel Valley Community Contributor

David A Moya | Founder & Contributor

David A. Moya is a community contributor and influencer for positive change. As a Certified Mortgage Coach, he focuses on education and transparency. During his earlier years, he fed his entrepreneurial spirit and founded a company called Motivus International Inc, which focuses on the development of young individuals who are committed to peak performance. David went on to pay for his BA in Finance through his real estate business and after graduating flew more than 30 flights to over 10 countries in order to master the art of communication and business. At the downward turn of the real estate market, David saw a need to change the industry and began to reach out to his network of professionals to see what could be done.



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