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Don’t be Another Brick in the Wall: Style Yourself with Personal Customization!  via Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible not to walk out of a clothing store with an item that hundreds if not thousands of other people own and wear. That is simply the nature of big box retail and mass production.  After sales and end of season clearances they filter down to the discounters (Marshalls/ TJ Max/ Ross).

Like the scene from The Wall by Pink Floyd where faceless people all wearing the same outfits. The good news is that we have the luxury of choice – without leaving your home or office!  From customizing the fabrics, stitching, fit and features of a dress shirt – to now customizing POLO and GOLF shirts we can create apparel that is made just for you.  One of a kind pieces to incorporate into a wardrobe as unique as you are.

Martin Lindstrom writes in his book, Brandwashed, that major advertisers use sophisticated methods to guilt, coerce and peer pressure us into buying their products.  And in the not so distant past, there really were no other choices.  Today you can customize almost every article of apparel to wear.  From suits to dress shirts, from sneakers and golf shoes, from hats to pants.  Today, consumers have more power in determining what they want to purchase.  Lindstrom says of today’s age,” we live in an environment where the consumer has become more powerful than the brand.”  We believe it and offer you that luxury of choice.  So, take advantage of this and of our expertise and fantastic service.  Experience it and free yourself from the wall!

Be unique. Be different. And start styling yourself today!


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Robin Edwards | Men's Fashion CornerAs Founder and Executive Director of Suit UrSelf, Robin grew up near the garment district in NY where she first discovered her passion for color and design.  She has been living in San Diego for over 25 years raising her family in the Penasquitos Canyon area.

Robin also founded Pacific Business Promotions, where she worked with many local and national companies including Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Downey Savings and Hendrick Motorsports, to create corporate apparel programs as well as working with non profits such as American Cancer Society and American Red Cross to promote and fundraise with them thru the use of media, promotional marketing and brand awareness.

Spending much of her career in the financial, business and adverting arenas, Robin knows first hand how wardrobe choices and personal style make a significant impact in how clients and colleagues perceive you and more importantly, how you project and feel about yourself in both business and in your personal life.


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