Basic Dating Rules

A couple of weeks ago, I promised a reader my break-down of basic dating rules.  Here they are:

Play with a full deck – No one wants to date a crazy person.  Playing with a full deck means playing it cool.

Here are some behaviors that will put you on instant  stalker status:

    • Calling or texting within 24 hours of getting digits.
    • Professing your love before the appetizers arrive on the first date.
    • Unannounced pop-ins, random bump-ins, or just plain stalking.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Gillian Walker | Undecided CoupleI’ll put it this way, if you find yourself at the store buying sunglasses and a trenchcoat….this rule applies to you.

Don’t show your hand too soon – It’s great to have long term relationship goals, however, the first few dates are not the time to share them.  Also, we all come with a little baggage, but again, the beginning of a dating relationship is the time to present the best version of yourself.  Be honest and authentic, but avoid oversharing.

Here are some topics to keep to yourself:

    • The flowers you want to have at your wedding.
    • The names of the four children you want to have.
    • Details of your custody battle.
    • The fact that your crazy ex-husband is getting out of prison next month.

Know when to hold em and know when to fold em – Who knew Kenny Rogers was actually the gambling version of Dear Abby?  Recognize the signs of when to hold out for the potential relationship and when to fold and walk away.

Hold em:

  • Quick responses to phone calls and texts.
  • Fun dates with great conversation.
  • Seems genuinely interested in you.

Fold em:

  • Weeks pass before you get a phone or text response.
  • Only get late night booty calls.
  • Hits on all of your friends.

Don’t go all in too soon – Take your time! Moving forward to quickly is the easiest way to scare someone off.  Have fun, enjoy yourself and take it easy.  Trust that if it’s meant to be, it will be in it’s own time.

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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Gillian Sky WalkerGillian Sky Walker believes in you!  Her belief that her life’s calling is to be an inspiration and source of encouragement to as many people as possibe led her to create, where she offers personal growth and wellness videos as Shiny Gilly.  Gillian has over 15 years of counseling, teaching and speaking experience.  She is the founder of Therapeutic Trance Training and leads several trainings a year, certifying others in this method.  Her authentic and dynamic delivery makes wellness accessible and fun for everyone.  Her certifications include Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.  Gillian spends most of her time speaking, teaching and filming.  She and her husband run Shiny Gilly Productions, filming web content for local business owners out of their home studio.  They also co-host a youtube show together where they discuss current events, interview local business owners, and answer relationship questions.  They are finishing up a book on dating advice that will be released later this year


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