BTS: Benefunder La Jolla, CA Fundraiser

The Carmel Valley Life team had the opportunity to go to a great event, which was about getting a non-profit and Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty together to host a successful event to bring awareness about new advances in the medical world. Amber Anderson, a friend of The Carmel Valley Life had the event at one of her amazing listings in La Jolla. She teamed up with Benefunder to host this great event where new cutting age research was presented. The home itself had wonderful natural light pouring in through the large windows overlooking the cove, which is very helpful working in the video department. The event was filled with quality people who cared about philanthropy and that wanted to give back. We heard from Todd Coleman who was making advances in the biomedical field that could really help newborns as well as pregnant women. Benefunder is a marketplace that allows donors to find, fund, and follow researchers and other university initiatives in a simple, efficient way. Benefunder partners with top universities to gain access to top researchers and initiatives across all disciplines to ensure that your donations go to the intended use. Researchers create and manage their profiles on their site, which must be approved internally prior to getting published. This way you always get the most up to date information regarding their work and can rest assured knowing that all their causes are in fact vetted. When a researcher has updates, they post them and Benefunder passes that information along to you to see the impact your donation has made. They encourage you to interact with researchers through the Benefunder portal, continue to donate to one or more causes you find interesting as often as you’d like and share the things you find interesting with your friends. They  will constantly be improving the site with new features and functions, and would like your feedback.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Santiago Benito | Junior Creative DirectorName: Santiago Benito

School: Canyon Crest Academy

Dream: Santiago hopes to one day become a documentary film director and producer.  He also hopes to write and make Hollywood films.

Interests:  He enjoys reading almost as much as he enjoys writing; my favorite book is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  Santiago have had an interest in the art of cinema ever since he could remember.  From an early age, Santiago has been mesmerized by the beauty of the lines said and the actors on the big screen.  While many kids have a hard time trying to figure out what they want to do after they get out of school, Santiago knew right off the bat that he wanted to be involved in the world of cinema somehow.  Aside from that, he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with family and friends.  In addition, Santiago is very interested in being involved in things much larger than himself.  For example, he is a part of many non-profit organizations whose goals are to help people and communities all over the world (i.e. Japan, Africa, and the Untied States).

Journey: He was born in San Diego on August 14, 1998 and has had a wonderful life growing up in the Carmel Valley area.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | RIDE Cyclery Encinitas

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