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Cpl Anderson

Bells of Freedom Announces Marine of the Month aboard the USS Pearl Harbor

Carmel Valley San Diego based DanceHearts and the Bells of Freedom Program, recognizes a member of the currently deployed USS Pearl Harbor each month, nominated by ship commanders and chaplains as leaders among the men and women of their platoon.  Each recognized Marine is celebrated personally aboard ship while family back home receive gifts of store script, gift bags, toys made possible through donations and delivered by Tanya and Louis McKay of the Bells of Freedom program as thanks for their service with enthusiasm and mentorship.

Cpl Mark Anderson serves the landing force aboard the USS Pearl Harbor as a member of the ships Combat Cargo Platoon.  Cpl Anderson is the go to Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operator, and one of a select few who are qualified to operate within the interior cargo compartments of the ship.

The job of a combat cargo Marine also inevitably requires the Marines to wear many hats which extend beyond their MOS.  Cpl Anderson serves not only as a valued MHE specialist but he consistently goes above and beyond to learn embarkation standing operating procedures (SOPs) for preparing unitized supplies and equipment for loading to include including packing, crating, and marking.  His personal initiative and desire for knowledge allows him to serve as a mentor to the platoon who noticeably bolsters their assertion, motivation and self-reliance. His ability to ably lead his fellow Marines ultimately allows for more seamless operations and boosted camaraderie within the platoon.  Cpl Anderson’s outstanding technical expertise, exceptional enthusiasm and initiative were consistently displayed during March’s ship to shore movements. As a result of Cpl Anderson’s diligence and unlimited resourcefulness, he gains the respect and admiration of all who observe him and undoubtedly contributes significantly to the accomplishment of the unit’s mission.

To support and encourage a future Marine of the Month aboard our many deployed U.S. Ships and Carriers, please visit or send your tax deductable donation to:  DanceHearts, Bells of Freedom Program Attention:  Marine of the Month, 12750 Carmel Country Road, Suite 103, San Diego, California 92130.  Just $150.00 provides a gift to the family of a Marine of the Month here at home.


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