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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dr. Rohatgi | Sleep Therapy LogoIt’s another typical evening, and your family is getting ready for bed.  You put the kids to sleep after walking the dogs, and now both you and your bed partner are ready to call it a night.  You each retreat to your “separate” bedrooms.  Yes, separate bedrooms!  Oddly enough, you are not alone as Snoring and Sleep Apnea affects 20 million people.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dr. Rohatgi | Normal Airway & Breathing during SleepSnoring is a result of the airway being partially blocked, which causes the soft tissues of the uvula and soft palate to vibrate.  This creates the sound we know as snoring.  Sleep apnea occurs when the airway becomes completely blocked and air is not able to move through the airway.  This is commonly called Obstructive Sleep Apnea because the airway is totally obstructed.  This obstruction may occur anywhere from the area of the soft palate down to below the base of the tongue.  If your airway is totally obstructed, you may awaken many times during the night with a cough or gasping sound in an attempt to restore normal breathing.

Symptoms of sleep apnea include: snoring; non-refreshing sleep; daytime fatigue; a history of falling asleep while driving, watching TV or reading; awakening during sleep coughing, choking or gasping; morning headaches; elevated blood pressure; and cardiovascular disease.

Disorders associated with snoring and sleep apnea is as follows:  Gastric reflux or acid reflux with indigestion; grinding of the teeth during sleep; diabetes; mood swings; or depression and anxiety.

CPAP has been the gold standard for the treatment of sleep apnea.  However, most people are unaware of the new practice parameters for the use of oral appliances as standard of care for mild to moderate sleep apnea.  If you or someone you know exhibits some of these symptoms, our office can help.  We use a team-based approach and work closely with board certified sleep physicians and your PCP to correctly diagnose and resolve your sleep issues.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dr. RohatgiRosemarie Rohatgi, DMD is the President of San Diego Academy of General Dentistry and is an active Board of Director for the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego.  She is an active member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Dr. Rohatgi’s practice focuses solely on treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea.  She is thoroughly trained in head and neck anatomy and is one of few dentists who have completed the comprehensive UCLA sleep residency program.  Her office is conveniently located off I-805 and Sorrento Valley Boulevard:  5414 Oberlin Drive, Suite 235, San Diego CA 92121.  Phone:  858-617-0660.  You may find her website at


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