Building Your Wardrobe – “Breaking Up” With Your Suit

Choosing a suit might just be the most important factor when it comes down to building a wardrobe for men.  A good suit has the potential to not only make you look better, but make you feel better as well.  And it is a common fact that when we look good, we feel good and when we feel good we tend to perform at higher levels, thus causing us to succeed more in life.  It’s a win-win situation, as long as you have a great suit ;), right?

Robin Edwards, founder and Executive Director of Suit UrSelf, created Suit UrSelf to really help the male residents of Carmel Valley and surrounding cities create and perfect an effortless style from head to toe.  In partnering with J. Hilburn, Suit UrSelf now has access to hundreds of fabric selections and style options that cannot be found in stores.   Not only will you get world-class craftsmanship and custom tailored clothing at affordable prices, but you will have personalized apparel that makes you look and feel much better!!!

Suit UrSelf really caters to the customer by focusing on identifying their client’s wardrobe needs.  Robin and her team will even come to your home or office to take measurements, providing a level of convenience that is just too hard to pass up.  In addition, personal shopping and fashion consulting services are available to really help each individual create a custom wardrobe that blends seamlessly with other items in your closet.  Whether you are dressing for a big event or simply need some everyday business casual attire, Suit UrSelf is definitely the place to go for all wardrobe needs.

Suit UrSelf is perfect for the fashion-challenged man, as they will put together shirt and tie combos, matching belts, and really just focus on creating a stylish, put-together wardrobe to help you feel your absolute best!  To browse the catalog and get your custom suit made, visit or check them out on Facebook.  Trust me, your wardrobe will thank you!!


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | David A Moya | Founder David A. Moya is a Carmel Valley San Diego community contributor and influencer for positive change.  As founder of The Carmel Valley Life he focuses on education, transparency and helping others find a voice for their passion.  During his earlier years, he fed his entrepreneurial spirit and founded a company focused on helping kids committed to peak performance.  David went on to pay for his BA in Finance through his real estate business and after graduating flew more than 30 flights to over 10 countries in order to master the art of communication and business.  Today, he enjoys creating value for his community by leading a movement of responsibility – one of sharing knowledge, stories and a helping hand.


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  1. Interesting way you present this great idea of private shopping. Like how you say Edwarda “caters” to individual needs. Thanks for sharing this.

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