Canyon Crest Academy’s Envision Program

Music, theater, photography, video film, and dance, oh my!

Behind rows of lockers and the bustling of students hurrying to their next class, the melodic ring of instruments and notes being harmonized can be heard if listened for carefully. The Envision program at Canyon Crest Academy encompasses all of the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) that are offered at CCA allowing students to learn in a truly remarkable performing arts environment.

The program gives students the opportunity to become masters in an area of the arts they love and want to pursue during high school, something many other public high schools don’t offer.

CCA’s website for Envision says the day classes include many disciplines designed for the student who may just want to take one arts course or study at the most intensive level possible: cinema, dance, digital and fine art, instrumental music, theater, and vocal music are among the areas to study featuring professional guest artists who assist the VPA faculty.

Envision takes pride in their close relationship with the professional arts community who give students the opportunity to learn from experts in the field like Destin Cretton. The guest artist, who assists VPA cinema faculty, has won much recognition and most recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

Envision’s various programs have been recognized nationally for its curriculum like the Instrumental Music program – to name just one – which is part of the Grammy Signature Schools program, one of only 130 in the United States.

Students can also audition for the Envision Conservatory, an extended day program that’s available on audition basis only. Every term, students participate in over 100 hours of intense discipline-specific and interdisciplinary exploration refining their skills; the Conservatory gives students the opportunity to be challenged at the highest possible artistic level.

Envision is not just a program, it’s a way of life for students. Whatever dreams you may have – acting, singing, dance, and filmmaking – Envision makes it possible. You will grow far beyond you could have ever imagined as a talented artist and make lasting friends who share a similar passion.

*The video was produced and edited by Jason Segal & Kush Rawal from “Color Flo Media.”


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  1. Such a great program! Love the energy and creative art that comes together!

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