1st Annual Carmel Valley 5K & Kid’s Fun Run

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Carmel Valley 5K Kids Fun RunIf you happen to be looking for something fun to do this winter, consider running or walking the first annual Carmel Valley 5K and Kids Fun Run!  It’s an exciting way to join the community and support the local school district, and a good opportunity for the whole family to get some exercise together.  The proceeds of the race benefit the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF).  This is a non-profit organization that supports our local schools by providing resources to support and enhance the education our children receive.  This is the Foundation that provides the funding for all eight of the Del Mar school’s ESC (Extended Studies Curriculum) teachers.  These are the wonderful teachers who dedicate themselves to teaching our kids Art, Music, Science, Technology and Physical Education.  Every year, the DMSEF sends out information and asks for donations from the families of students in the district. This year, in addition to its normal fundraising, Katie Wilsey put together a really fun and great way to donate to a good cause and have a good time too.  So, if you have kids in the Del Mar School district, or you just want to have a fun local run in the community of Carmel Valley, sign up! The Carmel Valley 5K and Kids Fun Run sign-up can be found on www.active.com and they also have a Facebook page for more information.  You can also find out more about the DMSEF by visiting their website at www.dmsef.org.  The run takes place on December 8, 2012. I hope to see you out there, Carmel Valley!


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My husband Doug and I have lived in Carmel Valley for 11 years. We’ve been married for 12 and are loving it! We have two sons, ages 3 and 7. My hobbies are surfing (when I get to), scrap booking, scuba diving and hiking. I quit my job to be a stay at home mom at the end of 2004 and it was the best decision I ever made. Though I do sometimes miss the life of a scientist, I have plenty of opportunities at home to share science with my kids.


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