Carmel Valley Joins the Clean Water Cause

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Water for Christmas InviteFor those of us living in the Carmel Valley San Diego community, we know how blessed we are to have life’s comforts and necessities, but for those living in Third World countries, even something as important as clean water often can’t be taken for granted.  Several Carmel Valley and Del Mar residents have joined together to help do their part in addressing the world’s most pressing health crisis, clean water!  1Billion Thirsty is a local, non-profit organization that through its grass roots efforts is committed to addressing the over 1 billion people throughout the world who do not have access to clean water.

1Billion Thirsty is proud to announce an upcoming event called Water for Christmas.  This dinner event will take place on Thursday, December 1st at Tommy V’s in Del Mar.  There will be a three course buffet dinner served, live music, and a silent art auction where you can purchase original art work donated by various local artists.  100% of ticket price and all additional proceeds raised at the event will used to fund clean water projects for impoverished communities currently living without access to clean, safe drinking water.  Tickets are on sale for $100 per person and can be purchased online at

Furthermore there is a great opportunity for any of our talented Carmel Valley San Diego community artists to help create the art pieces that will be auctioned off.  If you are interested in lending a helping hand, there are two templates to choose from:  an ‘Africa’ shaped canvas or a ‘water droplet’.  All art should be submitted no later than November 25th. For more information please contact Ryan Dalzell at (858) 922-2900 or visit the website at
Carmel Valley San Diego Community | 1Billion Thirsty
The Carmel Valley Life would also like to recognize and give special thanks to Bobby Buchanan, a Carmel Valley resident and owner of Buchanan Design, for generously giving of his time and talents to create the invitations for this year’s event. Special thanks also to Kari Lorenzen, of Del Mar, for organizing the ticket sales and promotions for the Water for Christmas event.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Ryan Dalzell

Ryan Dalzell

The Dalzell Group is an all-family real estate team that has successfully represented buyers and sellers in San Diego since 1992. Headed by Jim, Ryan and Kevin, the Dalzell Group has experienced both good and bad markets and consistently produced results that keep their clients coming back. Ryan Dalzell coordinates the team’s marketing program. He joined the group in 2004 after working as a flight instructor in Carlsbad. Ryan lives in Carmel Valley with his wife Julie and their 3 children.


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