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Carmel Valley Parks & Rec Centers

Can you even start to guess how many Carmel Valley parks there are in the our community? I’m sure you’ve passed by many but how many are there and what does each one have that may be unique? If you’re a parent or a kid, my guess is that you have already made your rounds…checking and trying each one. We’re very fortunate to live in such a community that makes parks and outdoor recreational facilities so readily available and top-quality.

Our parks are a part of the Carmel Valley Recreational Centers system, of which we have two:

  1. The Carmel Valley Recreation Center
  2. The Ocean Air Recreation Center

There are several Carmel Valley Parks conveniently located within the 92130 zip code.

  1. Ashley Falls Park is located at 13030 Ashley Falls Dr. San Diego, CA, 92130.  We asked a few local visitors what they thought about the park and they stated it had clean bathrooms, excellent parking, nice eating areas, various play-equipment of the kids and lots of room to organize and play outdoor sports.  The couple also mentioned that the park can get really crowded when the organized community sports leagues are in season.
  2. Carmel Creek Park is located at 4260 Carmel Center Road  San Diego, CA, 92130.  Some perks for visiting this park according to a few locals was that it’s next to Solana Beach Elementary School District’s Carmel Creek Elementary. Because their children attend the school, they’re familiar with the park and visit it often.
  3. Carmel Del Mar Park is located at 12345 Carmel Park Dr. San Diego, CA, 92130.  This park is located next to Carmel Del Mar School and the Boys & Girls Club of San Diego.   According to a family that was visiting the park, its  a great place to bring your kids and dogs on the weekends as it often isn’t crowded because they kids aren’t in school.  The Boys & Girls Club of San Diego do use the fields on occasion but the park is big enough.
  4. Carmel Valley Skate Park is located at 12600 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130.  Of course this park is going to be a favorite for the young aspiring skate pro.  As explained to us by a local regular, the Carmel Valley Skatepark has three great features  1) a pool that has a depth ranging for 6′ to 11′.  2) A small ditch style run 3) A street plaza.
  5. Ocean Air Park is located at  4770 Fairport Way, San Diego, CA 92130.  This  park is next to Del Mar Union School District.  It is made of  an 18 acre park with a 16,500 square foot Recreation Center equipped with meeting rooms, a kitchen, offices, and a multi-functional gymnasium.  Out on the 18 acre park are two baseball fields, an outdoor basketball court, walking trails,  and picnic tables.  The park also has a large playground where kids can climb rocks, play in the sand and other play-equipment.
  6. Sage Canyon Park is located at   5252 Harvest Run Dr., San Diego, CA, 92130.  Sage Canyon Elementary School is located next to this park.  We asked a group of outdoor volleyball goers what they liked about the park and the said that besides the volleyball sand area, they liked the shaded eating area where they have seen many birthday parties held there.  Another great thing about this park is that because it is next to a school, the part is equipped with every imaginable play structure I had as a kid…basketball courts, tether ball courts, four square courts, etc.
  7. Solana Highlands Park is located at 3520 Longrun Dr., San Diego, CA, 92130.  Nestled in between a residential neighborhood and Solana Highlands Elementary School, this park provides for a pleasant family environment.  Besides having a great soccer field in between two baseball fields, it has a variety of shaded and non-shaded play structures for the kids. On one end of the park there is an open field to play catch. ‎
  8. Torrey Hills Park is located at 4260 Calle Mejillones, San Diego, CA, 92130.  As you might assume by its name, it is very close to Torrey Pines High School.  Two large fields for soccer and baseball, this park is ready to tackle any kids challenges.  It does have a single basketball court but makes up for its lack in basketball courts with several great round-table style picnic tables and large jungle gym playground.

As you can see there are many Carmel Valley parks for our residents to enjoy. If you find that we’re missing a park on our list above, please be sure to reach out to us at so we can be sure to update the list.


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