Casual, Social and Greek!

Welcome to your neighborhood casual, social, Greek Mediterranean restaurant.  TavernaBlu is a friendly restaurant located at the Del Mar Highlands Towncenter (12873 El Camino Real in San Diego), and is a community favorite.  When entering through its doors, you are instantly greeted with the kitchen’s delicious aromas, the sitting area’s comfortable and warm design, and music choices from the 70’s to today.  Please continue reading below…

At TavernaBlu, the food – which is mostly gluten free – is prepared fresh everyday and the marinated meats are cooked to perfection. “My favorite is the fresh salmon.  I put it on everything, including the gourmet salads, tacos, delicious pastas, and of course the house specials,” stated Mary Katakalidis.

TavernaBlu’s Greek inspired cuisine, is often enjoyed by many of the guests with a glass of wine from the wine bar.  The wine bar is social, interactive, fun, and is surrounded by unique signage throughout.  A brick-floored, dog friendly outdoor patio with umbrellas, is available for those wishing to enjoy their summer day and take in some sun.

Opened since June of 2011, TavernaBlu continues to be a family-based, social restaurant offering some of the best vegetarian and gluten-free Greek food in Carmel Valley.  Customers are encouraged to arrive hungry, as the plates are large and prepared fresh daily.  Small portions are available as well, and range anywhere between $3 and $7.

For more information about TavernaBlu or to reserve a table online, you can visit  If you would like to make a reservation over the phone, contact a friendly staff at (858) 509-3950.  If you haven’t already, plan a dinner at TavernaBlu this week!

‘There once was a man with a dream

Of a place with fine drink and cuisine

Greek, Wholesome and Blu

Taverna Faire just for you

A Fun and Tasty New Scene”


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