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VoIP Options for Small Businesses?

Small Businesses: VoIP Options In the Carmel Valley San Diego community and in the majority of cities, there are two kinds of VOIP Service Providers and both want your business. The first is concentrated on VOIP for medium to large enterprises. The second is directed at the small to mid-sized businesses (SMB). Inexpensive and reliable bandwidth […]

Our brain controls all of our bodily functions.  It tells us when to eat, when to sleep, when to breathe.  It tells the different parts of our bodies how to work and how to interact with each other.  A computer operating system is the equivalent of a ‘brain’ for a computer. Computers are made of different types […]

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There is a concept that it take 10,000 hours of training, practice and application to master a topic. As I’ve started to master IT Solutions these terms seem to cause people the most trouble in understanding what it is that web servers a workable solution for business.  Some people say knowing what to ask is […]

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