CeramiCafe – An Art Lounge for the Whole Community

Welcome to CeramiCafe in Del Mar – a relaxing and friendly place adults and children alike can come together and personalize a ceramic creation.  Ceramicafe offers over 500 blank premade ceramics to choose from as well as a large selection of paints, stencils, and stamps to aid in your decoration.  Follow the instructions of nothing but your imagination as you paint a once blank bowl or mug into an exciting, vibrant masterpiece.  Once your ceramic is painted to your liking, CeramiCafe will hold and fire it, calling you about 5 days later to come pick it up.  Please continue reading below...

Want to make a mosaic?  CeramiCafe offers tools and materials for that as well.  Unwanted frames, mirrors, plaques, and bowls, are just some of the things you can bring from home to change into a new piece of art.  Venetian tiles, stained glass, smalti, ceramic tiles, flat backed marbles, broken pottery, and plastic and porcelain terrerae are materials that CeramicCafe has on hand for those who would like to use those materials.  Mosaics are great because they don’t require days of drying time or need to be fired, they can be take home that day.

Clay prints are also an option.  Carmel Valley families can bring in children or pets, and allow the wet clay to soak up their imprint for a lasting impression.  After drying time, you can paint and decorate.  These are great to hang in the home or rest in the garden as a stepping-stone.  Just remember, clay prints are only done Monday through Friday during business hours and they take 2 weeks for completion.

CeramiCafe is a great place to have a party.  The uniqueness and rewarding feeling that CeramiCafe has to offer, makes for a great place to throw a birthday party, office party, club or team party, or even a girls night out or date.  Ceramicafe even throws its own parties.  Its most popular package is the Cupcake Party.  This is a great day for the kids and consists of cupcakes, punch, balloons, invitations, clean-up, and a staff person for assistance.


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