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Children are naturally inquisitive and curious. The early childhood years are a window of opportunity for parents to take advantage in boosting their child’s responsiveness to learning. Parents can begin the process at home at an early age with their child.

Some things to do with your child to improve responsiveness:

  1. Be sure to schedule time daily to read with your child. Pause after short periods and ask them questions to see if they are comprehending. Start with basic questions then probe with deeper thinking questions.
  2. Before reading a new book, ask your child to look at the pictures and tell you what they see. Ask them to be descriptive and use their words. Can they tell a story form just the pictures? Then, read the book to them. How are their deductive reasoning skills?
  3. When reading with a child, point to each word as you are reading. This makes the children aware of how their eyes need to follow sentence structure, pausing at punctuation, and turning the page of the book. Also, always introduce the child to the author of the book and the illustrator. Explain what their role is in the creating a story.
  4. Introduce early math concepts by having them assist you with counting objects while driving or walking down the street, cooking to learn fractions, participate in shopping at the grocery store to learn currency, and setting time limits for activities by showing them how clocks work and the concept of time.
  5. Socialization can have a large impact on intellectual achievement in the classroom as well. Arrange play dates with different types of children that encourage them to be the leader and also the follower. Give them items that encourage their creativity in building or decorating as a team. Not only wil something intellectual take lace, but also teamwork and leadership skills.

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Kristin Rude | Carmel Valley Community Contributor

Kristin Rude is the Owner and Center Director of FasTracKids, Del Mar. She previously taught in the Del Mar Union School District. Kristin obtained her teaching credential from the University of San Diego and has her Masters degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on second language learners. When Kristin is not working, motherhood keeps her plenty busy with her 2 children, Connor, age 3 & Katherine, age 2. She looks forward to having her own children benefit from the FasTracKids program. Spending time with her family, golfing, traveling, and continuously learning are among her favorite activities.


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