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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Robin Edwards | Hilburn SuitResearch proves that 65% of all Communication is Visual.  What are your clothes saying about your personal brand?

Off to a weekend in LA for meetings..

To make sure that I’m seen and heard, I carved out some time on Sunday laying out each out.  I thought about what they would respond to and feel comfortable with.  Then I mixed all the pieces in unexpected ways in keeping with my personal brand.  In the suitcase went a black sleeveless dress with a lightweight red jacket, black fitted pants with two bright colored tops ( I’m a fan of last minute decisions) and a cream/gold jacket to dress it up.  For casual client dinners, I threw in a pair of skinny jeans and some fun tops to go under the jackets.  If I was a guy doing the same business trip, I would have packed two beautifully tailored closely cut suits with crisp dress shirts (with french cuffs) in unexpected colors and for sure one check.  No tie for the weekend.  I’d make sure that my watch and eyeglasses (if I wore them) were the latest style.  Belt and shoes fresh and classy.  I would be conscious to not look old school or worn.  I’d show up relevant and of-the-moment.

If I were in a more conservative field such as finance, politics or law, I would have neatly folded between sheets of tissue two suits with accessories that tell the world, “I’m confidant about who I am. I have a unique approach and bold ideas.”

Why should you go to so much trouble packaging yourself with such clear intention? Because you’re branded the minute you walk in the door, so you never want to give anyone a reason to say “no” based on your appearance.  How you dress should express your professionalism and creative energy – confidently communicating your personal brand at-a-glance.

Are you celebrating your unique style or are you selling out?  It’s important to wear what’s acceptable to work and then kick it up in unexpected ways.  Does your dress say schoolteacher when it needs to say business development?  Does your hair say wild child when it needs to say capable executive?  Does your computer bag say accountant when it needs to say Web designer?  Are you wearing jeans to a meeting when a suit or adding a cool jacket would speak volumes about your professionalism?

Research shows that 65% of all communication is visual, so if you are not looking the part you play with your own special flair then you may be running the risk of being forgettable.  And, in this economic climate, that is not something you want to be!

To be seen and heard, cultivate a signature style that’s tasteful and speaks volumes about your personal style.

For more info on how to create your own personal style and brand, contact Robin Edwards at SuitUrself101@aol, call 858.349.5533 or visit her website at SuitUrSelf.

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As Founder and Executive Director of Suit UrSelf, Robin grew up near the garment district in NY where she first discovered her passion for color and design.  She has been living in San Diego for over 25 years raising her family in the Penasquitos Canyon area.Robin also founded Pacific Business Promotions, where she worked with many local and national companies including Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Downey Savings and Hendrick Motorsports, to create corporate apparel programs as well as working with non profits such as American Cancer Society and American Red Cross to promote and fundraise with them thru the use of media, promotional marketing and brand awareness.Spending much of her career in the financial, business and adverting arenas, Robin knows first hand how wardrobe choices and personal style make a significant impact in how clients and colleagues perceive you and more importantly, how you project and feel about yourself in both business and in your personal life.


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