The Controlling and Jealous Type


“My friend always dates guys that are really controlling and jealous.  She was single for a little bit and started recognizing and dealing with this pattern, she talked about it a lot and sounded like she was going to be stronger.  But now she is dating a controlling guy again and every time I say something to her, she defends him and the relationship.  It’s starting to put a strain on our friendship. What should I do?”

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Gillian Walker | Question of the Week | bad-marriage-fighting-coupleAnswer:

I know how difficult it can be to watch a close friend repeat self-destructive patterns.  It sounds like you have done everything possible to alert her to her behavior.  There is not much else you can do other than wait it out.  Ultimately, it is her life, her decision, and her responsibility to learn from her mistakes.

I recommend taking some time off from the friendship.  Give her some room to breathe and explore her new relationship.  This time apart will also help you to develop healthy and appropriate boundaries within the friendship.  It is right and appropriate to be concerned for someone you care about, yet sometimes, the best way to deal with your concern is to back off and let that person deal with the repercussions of their choices.

One of two things will happen during this time.  One, she will realize that she is once again repeating an unhealthy pattern and break it off with the guy.  Two, she will continue dating him.  Make use of your time apart to determine how involved you wish to be in your friendship with her in regards to either outcome.

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