Carmel Valley Resident Spotlight: Ed Masterson

Ed Masterson is a long-time resident of Carmel Valley, San Diego.  In 1985, he bought a one-acre lot, nestled right in the heart of Carmel Valley, and in 1995 built a beautiful home on it.  He raised his family here in Carmel Valley, and even used to drive his ’64 Bentley along the dirt roads before many of the housing developments were built.  Ed has grown to love Carmel Valley and its close proximity to everything he could possibly need or want.

Ed is what we would call a jack-of-all-trades.  He is the owner of Masterson Creative, a full-service group specializing in high-impact visual marketing, and has a very extensive client list, such as the US Army and Navy, Cobra Golf, SinuCleanse and Tony Robbins.  His company takes businesses to a whole new level, using psychographic profiling to make the most out of a company’s investment.  Ed’s company is truly top-of-the-line, providing each and every one of his clients with excellent customer service and an amazing end product.

In addition to running Masterson Creative, Ed is a fine-art photographer, specializing in capturing the mundane in life and looking at it with an abstract mindset.  He definitely has a unique ability to capture the beauty in everyday items that often go unseen. His prints can be found on his website,, or can be viewed in person at Art & Framing Munro Gallery, located in the Torrey Hills Shopping Center.  Carmel Valley residents love his prints, not only because of the beautiful and unique imagery, but because they are printed on aluminum surfaces, making them scratch-resistant and unique.  In fact, you can even wash and scrub these prints without having to worry about any damage occurring.

On top of having his own business and being a commercial and fine-arts photographer, Ed is also personally selling two of his homes, located in beautiful Carmel Valley and Julian, CA.

Ed Masterson is truly a remarkable Carmel Valley resident and the Carmel Valley Life was fortunate enough to spend some time in his company, listening to him play the drums and getting to tour his beautiful home.  Stay tuned for more spotlights on Carmel Valley’s awesome residents!


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