Carmel Valley San Diego Summer Dog Care

Carmel Valley San Diego Summer Dog Care

Carmel Valley San Diego Summer Dog Care

If you live in San Diego, and specifically Carmel Valley, summertime is a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors with our k-9 friends.  There are many San Diego dog parks throughout our city.  However, its important to keep in mind that they are susceptible to the heat just as we humans are.  In fact, dogs do not sweat, they pant in order to increase air flow to cool themselves off. Their normal body temperature is 101 degrees. A rise to 104 can cause heat distress which could be fatal. People commonly leave their dogs in the car, and reason that they’re just running into the store. Living in Carmel Valley, I’m sure you’ve seen this happen on occasion.  On a 75-80 degree sunny day, the temperature inside a car, even with the windows cracked, can rise 40 degrees in 10 minutes.  So love your pets…leave them at home when shopping.

On other important topic if you have a dog and live in Carmel Valley San Diego, is pet identification.  The number one reason for stray dogs at the county shelters, is that the owner did not put id tags on their pet. If you don’t like the “clinking” sound of tags, plastic ones are available, or collars are available where the tag can be riveted to the collar. If you have a puppy, check the collar often, because as their neck grows, it will dig in as they increase in size, unless you adjust the collar.  In addition, it pays to “micro-chip” your dog, also. A small identification chip is injected under the dog’s fur, and similar to a UPC codes on food products, the dog can be scanned and the owner’s information can be obtained!

Enjoy the weather, the long days and our furry friends this summer!  Wag more, bark less! PLEASE support your local humane society!


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