Drybar: A Girl’s Best Friend

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dry Bar Del MarI know this is going to sound trivial, but a bad hair day can really put a damper on a girl’s day.  Unfortunately, I woke up one day last week with a serious case of “bad hair,” but had no time or energy to take a shower, blow dry it again, and then accomplish everything I needed to get done that day.  So I did the only logical thing and called the Drybar, located in the Del Mar Highlands Shopping Center and immediately made an appointment.  I’ve been dying to give them a try so this proved to be the perfect excuse to take advantage of their professional and signature blowouts.

For those of you not familiar with the whole Drybar concept, it’s pretty simple.  No cuts. No color. Just good old-fashioned blowouts for only $35.  You definitely can’t beat that!

When I first walked into the Del Mar Drybar, I was immediately drawn to the cool and chic décor.  With pops of yellow sprinkled throughout the salon, it immediately brightened my mood.  The receptionist greeted me right away and even brought me some delicious lemon-infused spa water, along with their menu so that I could choose the specific style I was going for.  Options ranged from their signature blowout, Straight Up to the Mai Tai (beachy waves) that the receptionist mentioned is a very popular choice amongst the women of Carmel Valley.  With so many different options, I knew this wouldn’t be my only visit.  I mean it’s only natural to have to try them all.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dry Bar Del MarIn a matter of minutes, my stylist appeared and led me to the hair washing station, where she proceeded to give me the most incredible and relaxing hair massage ever.  I could have literally stayed there all day.  She was that good!  After my relaxing shampoo, the stylist discussed my hair type and what style I would like to try that day.  Before I continue, let me give you the lowdown on my hair.  I was born with super super straight hair that WILL NOT hold a curl for more than five minutes.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many hair stylists have failed at their attempt to get my hair to hold a curl.  But Ella, my stylist, convinced me that she could do it and I figured I might as well give it a shot and decided to go with the Mai Tai with a little volume on top.

Ella then began the blow-drying and curling process, which only took about 20 minutes.  While she worked her magic, I fell deep into relaxation mode, drank my yummy spa water and watched Sixteen Candles on the televisions placed throughout the salon.  Shortly after, she spun me around the chair and I was met with beautiful messy curls and tons of volume.  I absolutely loved the end result and am happy to report that my hair actually stayed curly for almost half the day.  Drybar definitely gets the award for having the longest curl with the least amount of crunch.  By nighttime, my curls had fallen but my hair was left looking voluminous and shiny.  Drybar will definitely be getting repeat visits from me in the future.

To try out one of Drybar’s amazing blowouts, visit thedrybar.com to book an appointment.  Don’t let your bad hair day bring you down, visit Drybar Del Mar.


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