Fall Into Warmth

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Tulasi Browning | Fall into WarmthFall back, spring forward.  The leaves fall off the trees.  The sun and the moon fall and rise, lending us equal days and nights.  Fall in love with your sweaters again.  Fall in love with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, spice.  Fall in love with browns and the muted color pallet, the earth has to offer.  Fall in love with friends, fall in love with yourself.

Fall is all about the transition from the scorching, summer sun to the equality of crisp, shorter days and cozy nights.  It is the magical time of year when underneath our knitted sweaters, we still have our souvenirs of the tans we once acquired during the summer.  This is the time of year for you!  Because next season, will be the time for giving and from then on, the clock continues to tick, seasons and colors continue to change.  This is an opportunity to take advantage of the extra hour of beauty rest that nature provides us.  Indulge yourself with the warmth that you deserve, the warmth that your body craves.  Although, beauty comes from within, there are some easy updates that you can do for yourself.  As the trees change their leaves to warmer, more vibrant colors, so can you!  Update your hair with rich colors of the earth.  Hues of deep, chocolate browns, or radiant reds.  Use your hair as the frame of your face, cut some fringe or sexy, flowing layers.  Maybe a bob will be the answer to make all of your scarves pop.

The fashion forecast for fall, as color specialist at Gila Rut Aveda Salon, Christine Gamalinda put it as, “Fall is all about remembering that muted colors make more of a statement, the trend now is to nourish and condition your tresses and add tons of shine!”  A tip she recommends is getting your hair color done in some of Aveda’s, “Passion Flower,” color line pigments, which are semi and permanent hair dyes, to liven your look.  If coloring your hair is too extreme, she suggests coming into Gila Rut for a “Clear Color Gloss,” for your hair, which as she stated, “Is essentially equivalent to a top coat of shine for your nail polish.”  If coloring your hair does not seem like an appealing change, try an even easier update for the fall transition, by using some of Aveda’s lip colors.  Lips are, after all, the messengers that give words of thanks during this season.  Highlight your kind words by using Aveda lip colors such as: Persimmon, a subtle nude with a brown undertone; Ray Flower, a natural, reddish brown, complimented by gilded bronze metallics; or try a gloss such as, Spiced Plum, a menagerie of glistening, purple berries- to make your lips the focal point of your look.  Check out these new hair and lip colors, or book an online appointment at www.gilarut.com.

Overall, your goal should be to glow with warm light, from head to toe and to comfort yourself with warmth and praise.  As our journey to the holiday season is vastly approaching, use these fall months to thoroughly nourish yourself, not only on the outside but also from within.  Remember that you can never be too thankful, nor can you ever receive enough thanks.  Fall in love with the nurturing colors that mother earth provides, fall in love with the season, fall in love with yourself, fall in love with all of the warmth that fall has to give.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Community Contributor | Tulasi BrowningTulasi is a san diego native. She is a salon coordinator at Gila Rut, Aveda, Salon. Tulasi has also put in 23 years of beach going experience up and down the California coast line. Although loyal to her soil, she loves to venture and travel, exploring new cultures everywhere. She’s a lover of the arts, as a true Taurus should be. Dabbling in journalism, music, modeling, photography, doodling and conversation starting. Give her a slice of pizza, or a passport stamp and you’ll win her over.


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