Families Helping Families Grief Support Day

Special event: Family Day – a day of hope, healing & community
August 25, 2012 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
2820 Roosevelt Road, Suite 200

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Jenna Druck Families Helping Families, Family DayOur community and nation is experiencing grief in what seems to be an all time high. While grief and loss are a natural part of the human experience, as a society we are often unprepared or uneducated about how to navigate through the pain of losing a loved one.  Family Day is an inspirational community event that provides peer support, education and a platform for a caring community to come together to share resources – the result is a day of hope and healing.

“Families Helping Families” recognizes that grieving is a process that each person must work through to find some measure of peace in their new lives. “Family Day” provides support, encouragement and healing tools to help individuals and families work through the trauma and sorrow of their loss.

Event highlights:

  • Five grief support groups: Children’s Support Group (5-11),Teen Support Group (12-18), Mom’s Support Group, Dad’s Support Group, Healing Your Life After the Loss of a Loved One Support Group
  • Therapy dog visits: a team of seven trained dogs will provide comfort & support
  • Hope Loves Company picnic: lunch is provided offering a time for everyone to be together as a close to the event.
  • Memorial Bubble Release: attendees will release bubbles as a family gesture to honor and celebrate the life of their cherished loved one.
  • Resource Fair: Community agencies and service providers will assemble to share complementary tools and resources for those who are experience grief, trauma & loss.
  • Expert Guests: JDC founder and author of newly published “The Real Rules of Life” Dr. Ken Druck and grief expert author of “Awakening from Grief” John Welshons will both speak and facilitate at the event.
  • $10 suggested donation for attendees – Scholarships are available and no one will be turned away due to finances. Those wishing to sponsor a family can contact fhf@jennadruck.org

Event times with high camera appeal:

11:30 – Memorial Bubble Release. Outdoors in beautiful Liberty Station attendees will assemble for the culminating event of the day. Dr. Druck and Mr. Welshons will conduct this uplifting memorial accompanied by live guitar by singer songwriter Tali Rappaport.

11:45 – Hope Loves Company picnic & resource fair

9:00 – Opening session with Therapy Dog visits

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Leanne Tibiatowski | Jenna Druck FoundationLeanne Tibiatowski is a community leader and activist who strives to help the world become a better place. She is a passionate youth advocate dedicated to supporting and empowering young women to step into leadership in their own lives and communities. She is also committed to providing safe spaces for people to come together for healing and transformation particularly for those in the community who have lost a loved one to a death who are seeking support on their journey through grief. She serves as Program Director for the Jenna Druck Center overseeing their Families Helping Families and Spirit of Leadership programs. Leanne can be contacted through e-mail at leannetibiatowski@gmail.com or at the Jenna Druck Center 619.294.8000.


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