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The TRX is a great at home tool for extremely effective core and total body workouts. It’s not only extremely versatile and one of the best pieces of equipment on the market for tightening and toning, it is so small that you can carry it with you on trips or even to your local gym or park for your workout.  I always bring the TRX when I travel.  Pull it out to incorporate into a full length workout, or use it for just a few minutes and a few sets of one to two exercises for a quick on the go workout so you’re always staying consistent no matter what your busy schedule or traveling you find yourself in.  If you haven’t used the TRX try this workout to start.  You will love it!

This workout uses just one TRX combination core move which is extremely effective in flattening your belly and can be modified as needed depending on your own personal fitness level.  I also use a medicine ball in this workout, but if you are a beginner you will want to follow my modifications using just your own body-weight and foregoing use of the ball altogether.


  1. Ball plank mountain climbers 50 reps (beginners – hands on the floor, no ball.)
  2. TRX Plank knee-in (alternating) side crunch /combo pike up – 2 side crunch right, 2 pike ups, and 2 side crunch left (6 total of 2/each =1 full rep of this combo) repeat for 2 – 6 full reps before moving on (depending on your fitness level ability) *Complete beginners – skip the knee ins altogether and just hold a forearm-plank for 40-60 count.  Be sure to keep your core tight and watch that your back doesn’t drop down and arch.
  3. Weighted ball v-up combo split leg v-up.  – 1 each per rep x10 reps = 20 total v ups @ 10 each (beginners – don’t use ball) I used an 8# ball.

Directions: Set a stopwatch or timer on your smart phone for 15 minutes countdown.

Your goal: Continue through all 3 exercises (in good form!-no dropping back) without stopping for a rest at least until you finish a full round.  Complete as many rounds of exercises 1-3 as possible with minimal breaking between rounds because this is only a 15 minute workout guys, so push to your absolute max..and before you know it you’ll be done..so when you want to break remember to think mind over matter and try to push through it.

If you do stop for a minute or so (which is fine if you are a beginner) then be sure to keep track of how long you stopped and add on this time as needed to make sure that you complete a full 15 minutes of active work!

For more at home workouts visit me at www.rockbodyfitnesssd.com

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Melanie Mediate | Weight-loss chef | Fitness CoachMelanie is a San Diego native, a lover of outdoor activities, cooking, friends & family, & is an entrepreneur at heart.  As a personal chef and fitness coach, she has been able to combine her two career passions – which has proven to be an exciting journey.  Inspired by a love for cooking & entertaining, Melanie attended the Art Institute of San Diego and in 2006, she became a personal chef.  Ever since been then, she has been preparing nutritious gourmet meals (personal meal deliveries & private party catering) for residents in La Jolla, Carmel Valley and all over North County San Diego.  Melanie is NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified and is the founder of Rock Body Food.  Melanie truly loves her job of teaching others how to do what she loves & lives herself!


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