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“This is a DON’T in Feng Shui. Your bedroom should not have a chandelier; a high distribution of energy disturbing your sleep. Also, look at the beams in the ceiling. Beams create “invisible stress”.

Have you heard of these DON’Ts in FENG SHUI when you live in a 2 story home?

  1. Don’t have your bedroom above the kitchen.
  2. Don’t place your bed positioned above the stove downstairs.
  3. Don’t place your bed headboard in the same direction of your fireplace.
  4. Don’t place your bed next to your bathroom.
  5. Don’t place your bed next to your kitchen.
  6. Don’t place your fish tank in your bedroom.
  7. Don’t use a bedroom that’s facing the main door.
  8. Don’t have your bedroom situated between 2 doors.
  9. Don’t have your bedroom above the garage.
  10. Don’t have your bedroom directly at the stairway.
  11. Don’t place your bed facing a mirror. 

Oh my!  No wonder people get so paranoid about practicing feng shui.  Too many restrictions, too many don’ts!

Your bedroom is a place where you spend two-thirds of your life.  Of course, it is important for it to be feng shui correct to benefit from a deep, restful sleep.  Good health equates to good wealth.  When we don’t sleep well, we cannot think, therefore, productivity suffers.

Now, let’s get back to the 11 bullet feng shui points of DON’Ts above.

These “DON’T feng shui” apply only to “black hat feng shui, aka New Age feng shui”.

If we were to use traditional feng shui using a LoPan (Chinese Compass), then only number #6 and #11 are valid.

Feng Shui is a common sense approach to create harmony, not to confuse, and add stress to your well being.

I have consulted with many of my clients that live in San Francisco, and New York, where space is limited, and every inch of living space equates to large sums of dollars.  If we were to follow the above “Feng Shui Don’t”, then perhaps none of my clients would have a home to rest!

However, number #6 and #11 are true because as in #6, the fish tank represents wealth, yang energy, and should not be in the bedroom of yin energy where peaceful, resting sleep is required.

The same goes for# 11 above.  A mirror creates too much energy that disturbs our sleep, and sometimes, a mirror creates a “third person” in the bedroom.  And you have heard the saying, “Three is a crowd”.

Bottom line: No mirror, No computer, No fish tank, and, if possible, No electronic equipment should be in the bedroom.

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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Gwen Coronado Gwen Coronado, founder of Feng Shui San Diego, was influenced by Chinese Feng Shui at an early age. As a Feng Shui Consultant, she enjoys using her knowledge of ancient Feng Shui to help sellers sell their homes quickly, and buyers to find their dream homes that meet their needs and budget, with correct Feng Shui harmony for prosperity.  Gwen Coronado, is also the founder of Coronado Real Estate and Financial Investments in San Diego since 1987.  She began an early career as a Corporate Sr. Vice President with Liberty Foundation.  Gwen is a contributing writer of Real Estate and Feng Shui for the Asia Journal of Cultural & Commerce and a teacher at various Board of Realtors locations.  She credits her success and her happiness through hard work (man luck), heavenly luck (fate), and Feng Shui luck (harmony and balance).


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