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Just In Time (JIT) is a program that helps transitioning foster youth with opportunities for self-sufficiency through emergency support, essential resources, and caring personal guidance at critical junctures on their path to independence.  Statistics show that 1-3% of former foster youth go on to graduate college; JIT sees to it that these numbers increase and more foster youth go on to not only graduate, but become successful and independent individuals. Please continue reading below…

Over the past couple years, JIT is proud to say they have helped over 200 transitioning youth become college students with resources, mentoring, and encouragement.  The JIT team realizes the importance of getting young adults on the right track, as this is a crucial age in an individual’s life. Things like learning fiscal management, saving and building assests, and even learning needs such as how to purchase a home or a car are things the JIT team teaches young adults so they can grow and mature in the world.

In the video, Don Wells, executive director of JIT, highlights two major programs that are taking place at Just In Time: College Bound (Educational) Program and Rivers of Hope for Young Men.  College Bound (Educational) Program is a program that helps youth who have faced the challenges of foster care, yet still are on the right track to college.  Unfortunately, these students don’t have the funds to support themselves with laptops, furniture for a dorm room, or books for classes, and this is where JIT comes in.  With the help from donations, JIT is able to supply the students with college supplies and other items to help further their education and success.  Rivers of Hope for Young Men is a program aimed at providing young men coming out of the foster system, with a success environment.  Here, successful men from the community, build relationships with the transitioning youth and act as examples, mentors, and in some cases a father or uncle figure for the youth who most of the time don’t have someone like that in their own lives.

On October 13, JIT’s will host on of its biggest fundraisers of the year.  All the proceeds raised at the event will go to help fund the College Bound (Educational) Program, Rivers of Hope for Young Men Program and other wonderful programs that are making a real difference in our society and in the lives of young and aspiring individuals.

*A special thanks to Samuel Scott Financial Group for connecting The Carmel Valley Life with Just In Time.


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