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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Gonzales Canyon Project | Key Club

Photo Courtesy of Torrey Pines High School Key Club

February 11, 2012.  Gonzales Canyon.  Torrey Pines High School Key Club has been volunteering all over San Diego in the month of February.  As the biggest community service club at Torrey Pines High School, the Key Club never fails to gather groups of eager and dedicated high school students to help the community out in a variety of ways.  Every week, the Key Club has general meetings with its members to present several community service opportunities.  Most of the Key Club members have signed up for its most popular volunteer event, the Gonzales Canyon Cleanup Project. The Gonzales Canyon Cleanup Projectis a monthly event that almost all of our Key Club members enjoy going to and participating in.  This was my third time going, and I am always excited to lend a hand.  The tasks given to our group are different every time, making each experience fresh and memorable.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Gonzales Canyon Project | Key Club

Photo Courtesy of Torrey Hills Key Club

Jason, the Ranger at Gonzales Canyon,was present at our last event to guide us in our tasks and teach us about the many interesting plant species that populate the Canyon.  The first task that we were given was to remove Leafy Spurges, which are considered invasive plants.  We all worked hard in search of them, and were surprised at how many of these invasive plants were actually in the Canyon!  Afterwards, we spent time trimming the plants along the canyon trail and took a mini hike around the canyon while looking at the many different plants and doing our part to keep the Canyon healthy. Overall, the Gonzales Canyon Cleanup Project was very enjoyable because I learned to work with others, I discovered more about our environment, and I helped keep the Carmel Valley San Diego community beautiful.  It was a great event to volunteer for, and I would recommend others attend so the can experience both the great setting and do their part to save the Canyon.  A clean Gonzales Canyonis a big step to making a difference in our community.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Tammy Truong | Torrey Pines Key Club

Tammy Truong

Hello!  My name is Tammy Truong and I am Torrey Pines High School Key Club’s president.  Currently, I am a junior at Torrey Pines High School and my passion has always been community service.  I have coordinated/attended over 20 community service events and have been a part of this club since my freshman year.  As president of this amazing community service club, I introduce Key Club members to new volunteer events every week.  I plan and coordinate activities with my amazing board members and representatives.  As a team, we keep our club running efficiently.  Being in this club, I have had the best experiences in helping my home, school, and community.  The Key club presidency to me isn’t a job, because I enjoy every part of this incredible organization.  Whenever I volunteer, I remind myself of our Key Club motto: “Caring — our way of life.”  By volunteering, we show our members and our community the significant change one can have in the lives of others and in the community.


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