From Grade School to Wedding Day

What do diplomas, sports memorabilia, pictures, and posters all have in common?  They are all items that should be celebrated, framed and hung proudly in one’s home or office!!!  And what better place to get your lovely keepsakes framed than Art and Framing by Munro Gallery, located in the Torrey Hills Shopping Center in Carmel Valley.

Having been in the framing industry for over 30 years, Maggie Munro, founder and CEO of Art & Framing by Munro Gallery, is a true expert in her field.  She loves to design custom frames to really make each piece stand out and even takes the time to ensure that the framing will fit in with the surroundings of the client’s home.  Because of her dedication to her craft, Maggie has developed a close personal relationship with many of her clients.  She has even framed pictures of some clients all the way from grade school to their wedding day, truly becoming a part of their life!  Maggie and her team really put a lot of love and effort into each piece, making each frame the best it can possibly be in order to go above and beyond all of customer’s expectations.  No wonder Carmel Valley residents keep coming back for more!

Art & Framing by Munro Gallery offers thousands of choices of frames and mouldings from hundreds of different manufacturers.  Because of their large selection of the finest quality custom framing choices, the artisans are able to create a unique frame that will truly highlight and showcase your artwork, pictures, and other precious memorabilia.  No matter what the occasion calls for, Art & Framing by Munro Gallery can put together a gorgeous custom piece for you! Don’t settle for anything less, nothing is too challenging for this team of experienced designers.

To learn more about Art & Framing by Munro Gallery and to see some examples of their unique framing, visit or swing by the store in the Torrey Hills Shopping Center.


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