Healthy Chats – Shedding Light on “the Birds & the Bees”

Healthy Chats for Moms: Shedding Light on “the Birds & the Bees”

Growing up can definitely be a confusing time for both children and their parents.  Children are beginning to notice many different changes happening to their bodies.  This period of time can definitely be embarrassing for children to go through, as they are not sure what exactly is taking place and do not always know how to bring it up with others – especially their parents.  In addition, their parents are not always sure how to discuss these changes taking place without making the situation “awkward” for them or their children.

After being a pediatrician for many years and raising three children of her own, Dr. Chrystal de Freitas decided it was time to share her experiences and created Healthy Chats – a small educational company focused on providing parents with accurate and age-appropriate information to help them teach their children about the different changes and issues related to puberty.  Dr. de Freitas has put together a variety of educational information about puberty, as well as holds seminars for mothers and their daughters.

These seminars, are designed for mothers, aunts, grandmothers, step-mothers, mentors and the treasured girls in their lives to come together and discuss in a sensitive yet fun manner the various topics related to puberty, “the birds & the bees,” and growing up.  The Healthy Chats for Moms Seminars really helps moms learn about how to talk to their daughters about the physical changes of puberty in an environment that is comfortable, fun, yet still educational.  Not only does it help moms learn about how to talk to their daughters about puberty and sex, but it gives them a sense of comfort that they are not alone and can relate to other moms experiencing some of the same things.

For the mothers, it is a great opportunity to learn how to talk to their daughters about these changes that will begin occurring throughout the next couple of years.  The seminars not only enlighten mothers and take away the fear of discussing certain topics, but really creates a bond between the mothers after going through the seminar together.

Dr. de Freitas really helps explain the process of puberty & sex in a fun and enlightening manner, making the mothers feel comfortable.  If you are a mother and have had similar challenges when handling the issue of puberty and sex, you won’t want to miss out!


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