Healthy Choices Day at Sage Canyon Elementary

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Healthy Choices Day at Sage Canyon Elementary | Jimbo's Naturally

Photo Courtesy of Sage Canyon PTA.

Sage Canyon Elementary and Sage Canyon PTA celebrated Healthy Choices Day on Wednesday, February 29th.  It was a huge hit with the students and teachers alike!

Sage Canyon PTA’s mission statement reads: “…to promote the social, emotional and educational development of our students and to encourage parent volunteerism and community involvement in our school.”

On February 29th, Sage Canyon PTA put their mission into action by sponsoring and partnering with Jimbo’s…Naturally! to promote health and community involvement.  Jimbo’s…Naturally! graciously supplied apples for the students and had Chef Mike come to the school to teach the kids how to make a healthy recipe.  At the end of the day, each student received a copy of the recipe and a coupon to Jimbo’s…Naturally!

Healthy Choices Dayis an opportunity to educate kids about the importance of exercise, making healthy food choices, practicing good dental health, and being sun smart.  Sage Canyon PTA had many fun activities planned that day and included:

  • Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Healthy Choices Day at Sage Canyon Elementary | Jimbo's Naturally

    Photo Courtesy of Sage Canyon PTA

    Food Revolution – Jimbo’s…Naturally! came to our campus to teach every child how to make healthy mac & cheese!  The recipe was a huge hit for students and teachers!

  • Recipe Contest – Students were asked to submit a healthy recipe that kids will actually eat!  Chef Mike from Jimbo’s…Naturally! reviewed the recipes and chose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  The winners received gift cards to Jimbos.
  • Dad’s Club Healthy Lunch – many dads joined in the fun by bringing healthy lunches to share with their kids.
  • Rocking Recess – Mr. Tracy set up his special “Veins and Arteries” game!
  • Healthy Curriculum – ESC embraced the Healthy Choices theme all week with special technology projects about food pyramids and charting calories and fat in foods, fruit and vegetable printmaking art projects, PE activities that taught about the food pyramids, and the kids created vegetable musical rhythms in music.
  • Roadrunners – In celebration of Healthy Choices Day, Roadrunners offered double stamps for all participants on Monday, February 27th.
  • Healthy Family Dinner Night – Urban Plates located in Del Mar Highlands Town Center partnered with Sage Canyon to offer delicious, fresh, and healthy dinners in conjunction with Healthy Choices Day! Many Sage Canyon families dined in or ordered out from Urban Plates and 10% of the proceeds from their meals were donated to the Sage Canyon PTA!
  • Healthy Goodie Bags  – Students received goodie bags with apples from Jimbos, healthy recipes, coupons, and sunscreen and toothpaste samples.


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