Just In Time for the Holidays – Stuffed Acorn Squash!

The holidays can be full of excitement and food!  Often times with all of the hustle and bustle we can be found a little stumped trying to figure out what to make for all of these reunions that we have the opportunity to participate in.  One thing that I like to keep in mind is that sometimes the more simple the better.  I love starting with locally grown, in season, organic produce.  A main points that I love teaching my clients is how to eat deliciously simple, this principle in combination with using high quality ingredients keeps your plate fresh, in season and healthy.  One of my favorite recipes that I love preparing during the cold winter months are my stuffed squash recipes.  When you have the texture of a baked squash with all of the various stuffing that can be combined with it, the possibilities are endless.  These combinations provide plenty of well rounded nutrition as well as taste! The following recipe was created specially for you, I hope you try it, and pass it on!

You can fill these nicely portioned Squash with just about anything. I this recipe I chose a blend of black and red wild rice, with barley, garlic, onions, and a little pink salt.

Prep/cook/assembly time is approx 30-40 mins.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Stuffed Acorn Squash | Pablo A. Fernandez Cut the acorn squash in half, put on a pan, lather a little organic coconut oil on them and bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 mins or until cooked. While thats baking, in a rice cooker or a pot of boiling water, cook your desired stuffing in this case our rice blend for about 20-25 mins or until cooked.

Chop some organic vine tomatoes and cilantro. Place the baked squash on a plate, stuff with rice, top it with the tomatoes and cilantro, and in this California inspired recipe add some sliced avocado wedges, sprinkle a little more pink himalayan salt on top and bam! Ready to enjoy!

The Carmel Valley Life and The Harvard Cookin’ Girl – a boutique cooking school and event venue – are proud to announce a unique invitation for the Community Contributors and Leaders that make The Carmel Valley Life possible.  On DECEMBER 19th at 5:30 pm, guests are invited to join us as we host the next Community Leaders meetup that will be sure to inspire your senses, and provide a fun and educational environment as Pablo A. Fernandez and the Harvard Cookin’ Girl Team walk participants through a delicious and nutritious recipe – a hands on experience that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy.

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______________________________________________________________ Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Pablo Fernandez | Harvard Cookin GirlPablo A. Fernandez is a Carmel Valley resident,  the Creative Director for the boutique cooking school in La Jolla, CA The Harvard Cookin’ Girl and is involved in inspired community based projects throughout San Diego.  Raised in an health food environment thanks to his parents’ 17 year venture owning and operating a plant based restaurant.  Pablo, spent many years learning from family, their customers, and countless educational programs and opportunities. His many years in business as an entrepreneur have helped him to understand the dynamic relationship between himself and his clients in delivering a service or product that is highly valuable. He has a passion for living his purpose and sharing it with everyone he meets. “There is an energetic exchange every time you encounter another human being, my purpose is to help people become happier through healthy sustainable food and wellness.” 


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