The Home Buying Process – What to Expect and Look Out For

Every San Diego home buyer is unique with different aspirations, expectations and goals, in the same way that every neighborhood and home is unique.  Some buy property as a place to raise their family, others as a tangible investment.  When looking for Carmel Valley real estate, one of the most important skills a REALTOR can possess is the ability to balance the attributes a home and neighborhood offer a family with the key drivers that determine whether the property is also a sound investment.

Those looking to buy Carmel Valley homes need to carefully map out a strategy with their REALTOR that takes into considerations all the factors that can affect a property’s value over time.  Before jumping in the car and heading out to look at property, some of the best time spent is sitting down and deciding on a game plan.  Here are just a few of the considerations that go into a home buying game plan:

  1. Know your budget – It is critical that you first meet with a lending professional to determine an accurate price that you can comfortably afford.  Running around looking at homes without knowing your financial limits can only lead to frustration and wasted effort.
  2. Do your homework – Especially in areas like Carmel Valley where some of California’s top rated schools are found, selecting a home that lies within specific boundary lines can make a significant impact on home’s value both now and in the future.  For example, the community of Pacific Highlands Ranch in Carmel Valley is divided into 2 different school districts, Del Mar and Solana Beach, and certain buyers could be heavily swayed between homes on one side of the community from the other.
  3. New vs. resale – Carmel Valley offers a great selection of new construction homes and resale properties and a good REALTOR will know the inventory for both and be able to clearly identify the pros and cons of each option.  When looking at a new home it essential to make your first visit to the model homes with your REALTOR in order to ensure that you have representation.  Your REALTOR should be able to research past new sales and builder concessions/promotions to help negotiate the best deal.  Make sure that he or she also uses resale comps to support the best price possible.
  4. A look ahead – While the current inventory for Carmel Valley real estate affects your choice of homes to buy, knowing the trends and future new construction in the area are the keys to what might happen to your home’s value in the years to come.  If new construction is nearby understand that the builders often control the flow of homes and that might impact your timeline for holding the property.
  5. An eye of the details – Once you finally are inside a home that made the cut, you and your REALTOR should look beyond the furnishings and frills and pay close attention to the property’s deferred maintenance. This is a good indicator for how the property has or hasn’t been cared for and can mean that there are other hidden issues that might affect the sale later in escrow.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dalzell Group Real Estate Jim and his wife Jo, have lived in Carmel Valley since 1987 and first got into the real estate business in 1992 after a successful career in the construction industry in South Africa.  Kevin Dalzell joined the Dalzell Group Real Estate team in 2002 after playing professional rugby  in Europe (represented the U.S. in two Rugby World Cups) and is now living with his wife, Nina, in Solana Beach.  Ryan Dalzell coordinates the team’s marketing program, and he joined the group in 2004 after working as a flight instructor.  Ryan lives in Carmel Valley with his wife Julie and their 3 children.  Amber Worsham recently joined the team as the new Marketing Manager & Transaction Coordinator.  With over five years of experience in marketing real estate in Coastal North County, Amber provides us with extensive expertise in the print, internet and direct marketing aspects of the business.


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