The I-5 & SR-56 Traffic Problem?

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Ever wonder what the Carmel Vallley San Diego community would be like if there were a way to improve freeway and local street traffic on and near the I-5/SR-56 area? Well, that is exactly what the  federal government and city of San Diego hopes to do with the “I-5/SR-56 Interchange Project.”  The goal is to improve freeway operations while minimizing environmental impact.  Wow, wouldn’t that be just great to have less traffic on your way to and from work? What about improving traffic even on your days off?   I sure would appreciate less time on the road and more time with my family.

So many Americans spend countless hours on the road every year.  Not only is this time that can be spent elsewhere, but this is causing more harm to our planet by contributing to air pollution and needless gas consumption.  Of course more can be done on an individual level to increase family time and reduce our carbon footprint but we’ll leave that for another day and for another article.  For today, we can appreciate the Federal government and local City efforts in improving our freeway and local street traffic, and doing this with our planet in mind.

Specific funding sources include Federal Funding sources include: Coordinated Borders Infrastructure (CBI), Federal High Priority Demonstration (DEMO), and Surface Transportation funds. About $9.5 million has been allocated for the I-5/SR-56 Interchange Project.  Specifics for this Carmel Valley San Diego community improvements include:


  1. Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Freeway 5 | Highway 5traffic improvements on I-5 between Del Mar Heights Road and Carmel Valley Road, and on SR-56 between I-5 and Carmel Country Road.
  2. traffic improvements on local streets
  3. adding auxiliary lanes along I-5 and SR-56,For more information please contact Project Manager Arturo Jacobo at (619) 688-6816 or e-mail at, or visit Improve Carmel Valley Traffic.  If you’re looking for ways to contribute or express concerns, feel free to contact the project team at


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