If the Shirt Fits, Wear It!


A couple of weeks following our initial meeting we meet again to make sure the finished product has lived up to the hype!.  By this time I have already checked that the fabric, collar and cuff are consistent with what we ordered- without even unwrapping this precious gift!

When you slip on your custom shirt,  I just LOVE that first reaction – the WOW this is really cool! I love it…the fabric is soooo soft…I could go on, but the enthusiasm of a man putting on a fabulous shirt that actually fits HIM is very rewarding and really fun.

I check every detail of the fit and construction – from the cuffs to the shoulder and collar, making sure it’s not too tight or too loose. Length- even elbow area to see if we want to keep the next shirts exactly  the same or make some minor changes. Maybe for the professional wardrobe we choose a tailored  and with the social wardrobe we go more Euro.  We review every detail to be sure you are more than  happy with and coordinate the rest of your wardrobe from jacket, trousers, sweaters, belts, jeans and much more.

Any questions? Want to try this for yourself or your man give me a call 858.349.5533 or take a look at our webistewww.suiturself.co . Or shoot me an email at suiturself101@aol.com

The Genie in YOUR Closet,


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Robin Edwards | Men's Fashion CornerAs Founder and Executive Director of Suit UrSelf, Robin grew up near the garment district in NY where she first discovered her passion for color and design.  She has been living in San Diego for over 25 years raising her family in the Penasquitos Canyon area.

Robin also founded Pacific Business Promotions, where she worked with many local and national companies including Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Downey Savings and Hendrick Motorsports, to create corporate apparel programs as well as working with non profits such as American Cancer Society and American Red Cross to promote and fundraise with them thru the use of media, promotional marketing and brand awareness.

Spending much of her career in the financial, business and adverting arenas, Robin knows first hand how wardrobe choices and personal style make a significant impact in how clients and colleagues perceive you and more importantly, how you project and feel about yourself in both business and in your personal life.


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