Jimbo’s Gift Card Winner #1

The Carmel Valley Life is so excited to present the first Jimbo’s…Naturally! Giveaway Winner!  Congratulations to Edie Hermes and the rest of the Hermes Family!  Please continue reading below…

Edie says that she was fortunate enough to “marry into” Carmel Valley nearly three years ago.  While Pete and Edie were engaged, she suggested they find a larger home to purchase and move out of his townhouse.  When she realized that in order to afford her large dream home they would need to move out of Carmel Valley, she quickly changed gears.  Because she couldn’t bare the thought of leaving, they hired a interior designer and have been working to update their place ever since.  Now, she often thanks her husband for buying their townhouse back in 2000, and for providing a home to live in in what is arguably the most amazing community in America.

Edie and Pete adopted a former racer Greyhound, Bella, two years ago.  They take daily walks in their neighborhood, which has only further solidified her conviction that she is so amazingly blessed to live in Carmel Valley.  Edie says that she will never forget the first time she saw the view of the ocean beyond Del Mar Fairgrounds, as it took her breath away.  Now she gets to see it every day when she’s walking her dog.  Edie said, “There have been many mornings when the sun streaming through the clouds above the mountains behind me, as I gaze at the ocean from High Bluff Road, that I just want to pinch myself.”

Edie is a Registered Dietitian and is passionate about high quality food.  “It is so wonderful for me to be able to literally walk to Jimbo’s where I can buy pollutant-free strawberries at a great price, and GMO-free corn tortillas!  During winter months we partake of the fresh homemade MSG-free soups weekly, and it’s my dream to one day meet the chefs in hopes they will share some recipes (like the Terra Cotta soup for instance),” stated Edie.  Edie and her husband tossed out their juicer to make space and because she says it’s so much cheaper to have Jimbo’s make their green drinks, especially since they order a different kind at every visit.  Edie asked, “Have you ever been in a frenzied-stressed out mood before passing the produce section of Jimbo’s, only to find yourself calming down and relishing in all of the beautiful colors and smells?  This happens often to me so I highly recommend it as a field trip to others.”

If you live, work or play in the Carmel Valley San Diego Community and are interested in entering the Jimbo’s Giveaway, there’s still time to sign up  for the next giveaway!  Please be sure to click HERE to register.


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