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“Keep Talking, We’re Listening” is the ad running in the local newspapers for One Paseo’s small group meetings and that is just what Kilroy Realty is doing; listening.

In any relationship, constant communication is key.  Proper communication involves listening, and exchanging ideas and opinions.  For the parties involved, the ultimate goal is to create an environment where everyone feels they have an opportunity to express themselves and be heard.

In continued efforts to create a similar environment, the developer of One Paseo – A Main Street for Carmel Valley, has been on a mission to further engage the community through several community outreach initiatives.  Though Kilroy Realty Corporation is already heavily vested in the community of Carmel Valley San Diego, it continues to strive for a closer relationship with Carmel Valley in order to understand its needs. Small group community meetings are Kilroy’s most recent initiative to further connect with and inform the community.  As the City of San Diego reviews the proposed project plan, Kilroy hopes Carmel Valley will do the same and provide the developer with questions, comments, and advice.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Keep Talking, We're Listening | One Paseo A Mainstreet for Carmel Valley“Wether you’re coming into the meetings with a favorable or unfavorable opinion about the project, one of my goals is that you can leave the meeting feeling informed, heard and confident about supporting the development,” stated Robert Little, V.P. of Commercial Development for Kilroy Realty Corporation.

During one of the small group community meetings, Robert Little asked the residents in attendance what they hoped to get out of the meeting.  Was it more general information, background, specific topics or details?  His purpose for doing this was so he could tailor the meeting around the specific questions, comments or concerns of those in attendance.  Some of the topics that were addressed were: parking in the streets, details on zoning, procuring retail space, impact on local neighborhoods, traffic, scale, density, and general information.  If you have similar questions or comments and would like to stay up-to-date with the project, please email or visit the support page by clicking HERE.

One Paseo – A Main Street for Carmel Valley is such an important and hot topic in our community these days, that we’ve made covering it a top priority.  If you live in the community of Carmel Valley San Diego, it is likely that you’ve heard, read or seen something regarding the proposed development Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real.  If you haven’t, please click HERE to visit our discussion forum/blog dedicated to the development.  Please voice your opinions and questions.


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2 Responses to Keep Talking, We’re Listening

  1. Kenneth Williams

    Interesting development, do you know when it will be finished?

    • Kenneth – Our timeline depends on how quickly the planning and approval process moves forward. We are currently anticipating the release of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by the City of San Diego, and then we will begin public hearings. Assuming we are approved by end of 2012, we anticipate One Paseo to be complete by 2015. If you would like more info or support One Paseo, please sign up at Thanks for your interest.

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