Kickboxing and Sleeping Patterns

On a recent visit to Torrey Hills Chiropractic, our friend and yours, David Moya mentioned he had pulled a muscle in his back while doing some kick boxing.  He felt sore and decided to see a massage therapist over the weekend.  After the session, he still felt a significant amount of discomfort.  He knew this was a problem for Dr. Ronco to help resolve!  Within a couple of minutes after being adjusted, David felt great!

Being a stomach sleeper was also aggravating his symptoms.  David asked Dr. Ronco, “What happened?  Why was the pain gone after an adjustment, but after sleeping face down, it came back?”  Dr. Ronco explained that sleeping face down-over stretches one side of the neck and compresses the other; this position cuts off blood and oxygen flow to the brain.  Muscles become tightened and the brain recognizes that something isn’t right.

So, the big question is, how should we be sleeping?  Dr. Ronco suggests, ideally, you should sleep on your back with a tempurpedic or memory foam style pillow that supports the curvature of your neck.  If you sleep on your side, make sure the pillow fills in the gap between the bed and your head to avoid compressing one side of the neck.



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Dr. Steve Ronco is a Wellness Doctor & Family Chiropractor located in the Torrey Hills Marketplace in Carmel Valley San Diego.  Dr. Ronco is committed to providing a level of care that nurtures and supports the true nature of health.  This involves ‘caring’ for each person’s individual needs as well as providing the education necessary to foster an environment of prevention.  In addition to working with adults, athletes and typical injuries, he holds a strong belief that taking care of children starting early on in their developmental years, provides the best opportunity to prevent minor issues from contributing to a lifetime of discomfort.   Dr. Ronco continues to provide free lectures in his office weekly (Wednesday evenings) and strives to maintain an active level of community involvement: most notably when he and several colleagues created the original Chiropractic Relief Crew (C.R.C.) during the San Diego firestorms of 2003, volunteering their services to hundreds of firefighters on a daily basis.


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